Designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia Talks Lockdown, Male Models And His Menwswear Collection

Since my early days of blogging, Nepali fashion scene seems to have grown and also been stuck somewhere in between. Authenticity seems to be a challenge not only for designers but also for people finding their voice through what they wear. On this post I caught up with designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, a creative who I remember blogging about very early on.

The designer recently shared photos of Tenzin Tseten Bhutia Menswear over on Instagram and it instantly caught my eye. I was slightly confused about what exactly the menswear included; was it the briefs or the shirts? Seeing the three men wearing Bhutia’s menswear caught my eye. This is new for Tenzin. It’s also not very common to see male models in Nepal thrust into the centrefold. Do correct me if I am wrong here. The shirts by Bhutia seems to be perfect for post-lockdown drives and for the pending weekend in Pokhara. Starting from as little as Nrs 1499, the shirts seem like a good idea for that formal or casual invite.

The lockdown seems to have done good for the designer, providing time to reflect and analyse his next moves. “Yes, there is a negative impact on my business but more than that, I processed my thoughts and brainstormed ideas on what I can do and will do in the future” says Tenzin on an upbeat note. I dived into some questions on his new collection.

LEX: Tenzin Tseten Bhutia menswear is new for you. How did this come about and why now?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia: Most designers in Nepal do custom men’s wear on an individual basis and I have done menswear before for another brand in a show called Fibre to Fashion but yes this is my first collection under my brand. Why now? I wanted to give more options in terms of Nepali menswear and yes u can say that it might be the effect of the lockdown as well after properly analysing the fact that male models have very limited opportunities in the Nepali fashion world. It’s also designers responsibility to give equal opportunities for male models and that idea also evolved and led me to create the collection.

LEX: You’ve been working for a long time in the fashion industry. What growth have you seen and what are some of the things you believe still needs to happen?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia: There has been ample amount of growth in every area be it designers, amazing style of celebrities these days to the growing of number of stylist and photographers. Overall I am very happy with the way the fashion network functions these days… There are so many things that still need to happen in the Nepali fashion industry but the foremost thing we all want is proper credentials, respect and acknowledgement for the work we have done… We should not be used by big organisations and program organisers solely for their benefit. We want the same level of respect for the work we do like any other artistes in comparative fields.

LEX: How was it working with the male models. Who came up with the idea behind the shoot?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia: It’s a little controversial concept and I take sole responsibility for it but I am really amazed by the way photographer Pawan Joshi made it to so aesthetic. I really want to thank Pawan for that, it could not have been possible without him and of course thanks to the entire team.

LEX: How are you feeling right now, like really… about life, about your work and your creativity?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia: Life is good, there is more clarity on the life I want to pursue and my creativity is building on as I am ageing… Maybe I’ve become more wise… I am trying to calm my bitchiness… And overall I want to be a voice when it comes to my creativity. Finally I still remember and want to thank you cause you were among the first people who interviewed me in my early ages when I just started my career and I am glad that you saw something and supported me.

Bhutia’s menswear have been modelled by Safal Jung Shah, Dhuksang Lama and David Sen Thakuri. The team consists of photographer Pawan Joshi, photography assistant Anish Joshi and Karma Tshering, make up by Suni Magar and casting by Hrishant Bipashwa Rai.

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