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We’ve seen a growth of online stores in Nepal. Some operate right out of their DMs while some have state-of-art websites that rival the biggest e-commerce sites. Joining the leading names are ePharmacy, a platform that brings health, medicine and beauty goods offering a wide range of medicine, wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products to goods for babies and new mothers.

With the current pandemic pushing many to embrace online shopping, this has been a boon for the ePharmacy team. The team are happy to be able to provide a shopping experience that keeps people safe from Covid19 and also gives people an opportunity to buy what they need when they are advised to stay at home.

The online biz was started back in December 2018. It was born in the most relatable way! The ePharmacy team share “It started when we kept on forgetting to refill our parents and grandparent’s prescription and always had to go purchase medicine late at night. We wanted a service wherein we can fill in the details and timely our prescription would be refilled at our doorstep without having to keep a reminder. A digital solution to manage prescriptions for the entire family by someone in the family who is tech friendly seemed like the solutions needed by many and thus ePharmacy was founded”.

That sounds brilliant! I haven’t shopped on ePharmacy but I think it’s brilliant and could be of use to so many! Besides, why venture far in the dust, heat or rain when you can get things delivered to your door? You can find ePharmacy across all leading social platforms from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to even Google Playstore and the APP Store (Apple).

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  1. There is actually a news item that has appeared in that the origins of the Corona pandemic can be traced in Bangkok by US forces who did testing on patients. During flooding, the samples got washed away. Please check this website out for photos and news.

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