Do-nothing staycation at Kavya Resort and Spa


My friend and I were looking for somewhere to spend the weekend – have a little staycay! Since both of us weren’t able to carve out the time nor tap our inner confidence to drive very far, we thought the hilltops surrounding Kathmandu would do the trick. After making a list and a quick back and forth, we decided on Kavya Resort & Spa.  

Located in Nagarkot, Kavya is an easy drive for those wanting to escape the city. It’s also ideal for those after a relaxing stay following a gruelling trek up in the mountains. The only thing that I needed a break from is the ongoing family home renovation; tough… I know (sarcasm by the way). The hidden resort consists of suites and villas (one bedroom and two bedroom). After the welcome refreshments and check-in, we were guided to our beautiful one-bedroom villa located a short walk up from the reception block.

The way that the villas are nestled between the trees and surrounding greenery makes Kavya a pleasant visual experience. Even the unique exterior of the building looks somewhat natural. I mentioned that the blocks look like they’ve been shaped from clay or play dough ha! I also liked walking barefoot on the staircase – the texture felt very earthy; grounding.

Apart from dining and staying put, we really did nothing at Kavya. The brilliant staff team seemed eager for us to do things; visit the spa, go on a hike, check out the reflection pool, cycle or take a walk around the property… but what did we do? We just sat and spoke. Many years of catching up in a villa that was ‘oh so comfortable!

The one-bedroom villa is a two storey property. As you walk in, you enter a large open plan lounge and dining area complete with a long balcony. The floor is a social space with its own guest toilet. Minus a kitchenette, you’ll find most things there. You can request to have your meals in the villa but we decided we’d at least go to the restaurant for our meals. The bedroom and bathroom suite is located on the floor below. The lower level also comes with its own balcony.

We were greeted with glorious views of green hills, Kavya’s eighteen or so villas nestled across the Nagarkot dada and of course the Himalayas! What I found fascinating was seeing the clouds beneath… I just think, Nagarkot is really not that far or high – but CLOUDSSS – what are you doing down there???

Well that was Kavya Resort & Spa! I’ve got some photos here… and I’ve also shared a few videos on my socials if that interests. Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Kavya Resort & Spa. #Promo #Ads  

Lex Limbu
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