Dorje’s Resort and Spa in Pokhara

Pokhara was a great idea, especially after five years! The city of lakes has grown; there’s more of everything. Some things are bigger, newer and better like the Pokhara International Airport. Alongside the growth of Lakeside and the many new spots next to Phewa Taal, there are also a number of new properties. I got to stay at the recently launched Dorje’s Resort and Spa in Sedi, just few minutes away from Lakeside and here’s the lowdown.

The luxury property rests on a hill in Sedi that offers stunning views of Phewa Taal! If I’m not wrong, all twenty rooms (and suites) offer a glorious view of the lake. Dorje’s Resort and Spa may come equipped with a multi-tiered swimming pool, poolside bar, spa facilities and a separate bar and restaurant but it still feels cosy. It maybe the twinkling lights from around the lake that makes you feel like you’re near the action but a good distance away.

Dorje dai, the leading person behind the resort has quite the story to tell! After thirty plus years in hospitality and leading two popular dining experiences, Moondance and Dorje’s Bar & Grill in Pokhara, he is doing something new in the form of Dorje’s Resort and Spa. Unsurprisingly, it seems like dai is a natural with resorts too!

I especially liked the use of stones across the entire resort. To me, that feels very Pokhara and also reminds me of my younger years at the British Gurkhas Pokhara Camp. The bathrooms are a marvel! It’s so very well done. I love swimming pools and Dorje’s has an amazing pool that splits across few levels. The poolside bar and ‘hanging deck’ is quite a nice spot too! As the resort is still going through a soft opening phase, the spa facilities are not 100% yet. So if you are making a booking anytime soon, do bear that in mind.

With the Annapurna Cable Car a few blocks away, a morning cable car ride up to Sarangkot is highly recommended! Enjoy tea up in the cooler air or maybe even see the Annapurna ranges (weather and season permitting) before getting the cable back down or simply enjoy the downhill hike. The resort is only few minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of Lakeside or the more swanky drinking and eating spots of Pame!

Get in touch with the team at Dorje’s Resort & Spa to plan your trip and hopefully you get to meet Dorje dai and hear about how this all started.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Dorje’s Resort & Spa. #Promo #Ads  

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