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Tiger Tops in Chitwan

 There are only a few resorts which are actually located inside the Chitwan National Park and Tiger Tops is one of them. Tiger Tops is a chain of tented camps and resorts...

London – Kathmandu By Bus

Oz Bus has introduced their new route which divides the popular LONDON-SYDNEY route by lauching it as LONDON-KATHMANDU, KATHMANDU-SYDNEY route. This London-Kathmandu route enables travellers to visit 13 different countries. If you...

Cuties in Chitwan

Just felt like sharing this picture with you guys... Taken by me in Chitwan. Its tres cute, betcha agree?- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Nepal Trip 2009

[youtube is a short video of my trip in Nepal, its more like a music video if you get me but not really a music video. Ah Well, theres footages from...