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Another Entertaining Performance By Step Up Dance Academy

The Step Up Dhading Crew's most recent dance performance will blow your mind! It's simply adorable! Yep! I'm specifically talking about that little girl, the fierce dancer - Dikshya Thakuri - who...

Step Up Dance Academy From Dhading Totally WORK Their Moves!

I don't know which cave I'm living in because I only came across this Flash Mob by Step Up Dhading today (after it was shared by Nischal Basnet) and it is incredibly...

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Pangolin Hiking Trail Launched in Nepal

A unique pangolin hiking trail was launched in Kirtipur to mark World Pangolin Day!

Behind the scenes of the Pride Nepal T-Shirts

From doodling the sketches on my mobile notes to sending it across to some creative folks across the world, here's how we turned around the Pride Nepal tees.

British-Nepali Presenter Suprina Thapa Talks Sky And Media Career!

British-Nepali presenter Suprina Thapa speaks about her work on Sky Arts UNMUTED show and media career.