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Shocking Statistics : NepaliSamajUK Gets 380,000 Hits a Day

So I was browsing through the NepaliSamajUK website which basically features all events happening in the UK. I went on the advertise section and was shocked to read that on average the...

Shocking Statistics: 49% Suffer from Chronic Malnutrition

49% of Nepali Children suffer from Chronic Malnutrition while 39% are underweight and 13% children are wasted due to acute malnutrition, the government revealed on Thursday. “The fact that one in every two...

Shocking Statistics : 45% of Nepalis Infected with TB

Bimal’s treatment involves taking a daily cocktail of 16 tablets. 45% of the population in Nepal is infected with tuberculosis (TB). There are 30,000 new cases of TB diagnosed every year in Nepal....

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