Miss Nepal – The Language Issue

I was going through a Miss Teen Nepal video where the 15 or so contestants introduced themselves. The funny thing was, almost all of them had the same little dialogue in the beggining, followed by height/name then their hobbies and what they wished to achieve. Seriously, there was no uniqueness at all. Most of them spoke in English while some yelled through the microphone which led me to question, for those who are struggling to speak English, should they speak English at such events when we have our Nepali language? 
Its their right to choose to speak whatever they wish yet some contestants clearly looked challenged by what they were saying. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a little dialogue written by the organizers. Also, this led me to think of any other incidents with language being the issue in such contests. Miss Nepal 2003, when Shavona Shrestha stated that she would strangle the child and tell him hes not alone. Funnily, after she became 1st or 2nd Runner-Up, she corrected herself and told the media she meant ”struggle”. Gross Misconduct there, LOL. There were many rumours that her family ties was the reason which got her far but we’ll leave that out. Its a shame when people moan about why Sugarika KC won Miss Nepal; she was beautiful in the way she spoke, never have I seen such contestant who speaks with confidence and presents themselves well. While Malvika maybe the ideal English speaking contestant, Sugarika is the ideal Nepali speaking contestant. BTW, both of them speak good Nepali/English aswell.
I dont wanna continue this any longer but the final questions they ask to Miss Nepal are too weak for a contest of international standards, what do you say?
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