Mero Euta Saathi Cha on DVD – Original

EXCLUSIVE: The Official DVD/VCD’s of last years blockbuster Mero Euta Saathi Cha starring Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha will release on 2nd of July in Nepal (probably mainly Kathmandu lol). Once again the distribution etc is by Hi-Tech Entertainment Nepal, and kudos to them since they do a brilliant job!! Check out the pics of the Sano Sansar DVD pics of mine!
I literally had bought a dozen when I was in Nepal and it was an easy gift to people once I got back to England. I still have two! Cant wait to watch it in HIGH QUALITY!!
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Sano Sansar and Kohi…Mero Directed by Alok Nembang
Fantastic Right? It was only Nrs 275 but I bargained, lol 250 rupees!! Support Nepali Movies, BUY THE ORIGINAL :). Check out more Pictures on my facebook.
Iv already asked for my copy of MESC DVD. Now, have you?
PS. Im not on commision from the producers of any of these movies. lol
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  1. was great..though it was copied from korean movie, I think the director has given full justice to it…perfect acting from aryan and namrata..I hope to watch this kind of nepali movies in the future, however I expect the story be the original one..
    BUT, do you notice one mistake in the movie!!
    When “THAPA” was telling aryan about the deal of his grandpa he says ” 99.9 percent kaatera 0.01% jaye ko naam ma jaanecha” . How come 0.01% remains after deducing 99.9%..How come they didnt notice this mistake..

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