PM Nepal Resigns ….

PM Madhav Kumar Nepal handing his resignation to VP Dr Ram Baran Yadav
Surprise Surprise, PM Nepal has resigned after a 13 month long tenure. Many can argue for or against regarding what he’s done for Nepal however the main thing we must ask ourselves is. What will happen now? The balls in the Maoists court. They asked for the PM to resign in order for the ”deadlock” to be…unlocked, Mr Nepal has granted their wish and now its up to the Maoists to live up to their commitments and fulfill the constitution writing process. They should also return illegally siezed lands and dismantle their thousands on combatants, or atleast come up with a reasonable solution. hmmm… Politics are full of ups and downs but Nepali Politics has too many loops
Check out an interesting video below. 

Lex Limbu
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  1. This seem to be really tragic, Who ever made this video deserves something(Sad but true), For god sake what is happening to our motherland, Like once we used be the most peaceful country in History (Maybe I might not but sure, but still). We need to stop this right away, But HOW the question arises? Any toughs, ideas, issue, regarding it.

    All, I know this isn’t a single citizen problem, I can’t WE can.
    The narrator has a huge point of view on this but it your opinion?

  2. Nothing gonna happen even after resignation…1 month of the extension has already passed…few more months will pass on just trying to make new government…then again the same situation….

  3. Anonymous, he spelled it wrong on purpose, listen to him carefully what is he saying… he says “Peace” is not what our leaders want but they want Piece.

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