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The much-awaited launch party of TopEventUK took place on a warm Saturday evening in London where we saw a bevvy of beauties with the smartest of the lads in tow. They came to be wowed and believe me, it was a ”pakka” unmissable event. 
My last line on the my previous post saidI’m expecting glitz, glamour and a whole load of gossip the day after. To all the party animals, be ready! Partying is finally reaching the next level.” O’ how its so true, check out the photos below, the girls and boys sure were at their best and about the gossip, well my Facebook inbox was full of ”did you hear…” ,its history now but to get a feel of what Top Event party is like you’ll have to attend the August 14th event with Sagar Moktan
Not only were the guests entertaining themselves by dancing like theres no tommorow, we also had NepHop’s hottest Mastakush all the way from Belgium and London’s very own Mastermind. The popular tagline ”there is never a dull moment” used by PartyNepal should be proudly handed down to TopEvent since I never saw a dull moment there, the 300 or so exclusive invitees erupted on the dancefloor when the MC’s hit the stage and when the stage wasnt unoccupied I could always spot a group of ladies with their men. Playing freshest of the beats the party came to a successful end at 6 am…Now I hope to see ALL of you on August 14th in Club Area. 😉
 See the bevvy of beauties and Me 😀
 The Parcha Guys, Our own Nepals SRK and Gorey Gurung
 This is only a littttle percentage of the fit people there was 😛
 these girls surely have practiced their pose


August 14th – Club Area, Vuaxhall
One Night Only 
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. awesome words lex n gr8 photos of u 😉 u’ve defo done a brilliant filler 4 al da peops hu misd dis excellanto event n 4 dat i wana thk u. kep up the gud work, countin down da days 4 sagar moktan 🙂

  2. party looks awesome and so professional.. im deffo going to 14th party and tell all my friends about it!

  3. very unprofessional of top event to host a their party just a day before da pineapple KRU besides everyone’s hosting parties in vauxhal anyways. nth new here

  4. the host seemed very nervous, i presume it was due to her lack of experience…& it would’ve been better if they’d(hosts) spoken nepali n only itsy bitsy bit of english, so that it wouldnt seem like theyre hesitating to speak the next word, i mean we can clearly see that they’re feeling awkward, they shoudnt try that hard, it takes time to adapt n be gud at smnth u knw?

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