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Recently I took a step to open a Formspring account, before, I was hesitant since I thought most of the questions Id get would be too personal or inappropriate however it was a shock to see many good questions. Communication is what I consider the most important tool between different people, good communications lets a relationship prosper, likewise bad communication causes misunderstandings and negative perceptions. I feel as if my action to create this has been effective in directly speaking to people. Here are some of the questions which I managed to answer. Thank you to all for sending it in and ‘THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY’ – Stay Safe!

do u have a girl ,whom u can take to ur mom and show..?Yes but for now I will be the only one seeing, il show my mum when im nearly 30.

Do you think the youth of nepal today, living in uk worldwide can bring change to nepal?I think We can, however Will We? thats the question. If we all go and do our little bit to implement what we’v learned then that in itself will be a help to our nation. Lets hope we take the steps to return to Nepal one day rather than just flaunting our Nepali-pan in a bideshi land. 🙂

are you gayI admire handsome men and beautiful women. 🙂

 What do you think is the biggest problem nepali teenagers in nepal and abroad are facing today? why?Nepali teens in Nepal are facing the lack of opportunities problem, which consequently leads them to go abroad, I also think many are also pessimistic bout the situation theyre in, the unstability. Teens abroad are finding the transition between their identities and place difficult in my view, this has led to many problems such as them going down the dark path, I think its all ones search for their identity. Its definitely hard to stay on the straight path these days.

who is the force behind lexlimbu, on youtube, blogger, facebook, twitter, everywhere!Well unlike many other Nep musicians or dancers, I never recieved help from any graphic designers, etc so I fully think I am behind the force that drives my name forward however for the blog its a joint effort between Palomino and Me. Lastly, I wouldnt be doing this if it wasnt for the people who give me feedbacks, check my stuff out and leave comments. You guys rock!

what happened to ur hair??It decided it didnt like my hair and fell to the ground while i was walking, lol

Your very popular but no one seems to know you, why?Somehow I feel as if iv built a wall between myself and others, even friends – im trying my best to knock it down. Lets see how long that takes.

What’s your biggest aim?hmm..there were ambitious ones when I was young like to be a pilot but now realistically speaking is to do a job which I enjoy, a job which helps people …thats it,

Did you ever think you would be this famous?Nopee, i did think id be very hated however at the moment the hate level is pretty low so it feels good. Also, im not ‘that’ famous, just recognition here and there 🙂

what made you become who you are today?Life experiences, the goods and bads. Going to schools of different faiths aswell, my two yrs in Nepal where I went to a christian missionary school KISC taught me the most, i didnt enjoy being taught then but now I know iv learnt so much valuable skills as a person. I hope to continue learning and sharing whatever i come across. 😀

what is hello kitty made of?Made of cheap tacky colour and a smile to lure the people who easily get ”awww”ed away. But hey!! to each their own right? I love Garfield!

What is your take on the whole Nepali mentality of Keeping things within the community?Thats why we’r so behind. We need to learn to co-operate with other groups, other Nepali communities too and stop focusing on our individual groups. We can only become bigger through mass reach, we cant be successful at that if we only think within our community.

the love of your life??hmm…still waiting for that person, then ill be with them for life. (HOPEFULLY haha lol) – However, for now, it would have to be my family, my celebrity crushes (they wont disappoint me, so im happy that way)

My lado is small, how can i make it big.what a problem!!! get some clay and attach it.. long lasting pleasure!

lex limbu u sexyyy beastttttttttt…..rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..i wanna do the DIRTY with you…i hope u like a girl with curvesss….meowwwware you who I think you are, i did once dance with a girl who had HUGEEEE curves 😛

u look and sound so gay from what others say and what i see in youtube but i think you are doing an awesome job so carry on making the wonderful effortsthanks for appreciating the effort, regarding the gayness, its interesting how people focus on that – all speculations. its quuite wonderful. Anyways hope you keep up with what I do. thankyou for honesty.

I red your blog about the caste thingy.. do you believe in these things such as caste and all in nepal?We’d b living in a false reality if we didnt believe in caste division in Nepal. There is a caste problem, much of its untold, the bureaucratic govnt is also the reason behind peoples anger. We as people need to change in order for our views to change, and parents SHOULD teach todays gen to treat others equally be it if their Bahun, Rai/Limbu, Dalit, Damai.

grind on me please? ps i have a boyfriend but he’s not looking .. 😉lol, no worries – all three of us can grind together. More the merrier haina ta 😛

hello there!! famous man….wateve u doin is gr8 but just wondering y u sound so gay????is it the accent itself or u pretending to talk like one…nyways i appreciate wat u guys r doin…cheers!!!Thanks for your honesty and i too cringe when I see videos of me. I think the way I act in front of the camera and how I am in reality is reallly different. So hang out with me n u’ll find out. 🙂

i guess my question is,, what made u start off? as in was it unexpected, a hobby or were u inspired to make youtube vids and write blogs??At start it was out of frustration, so many nepali issues to be discussed so thats how youtube started and that led to the blogging, its something i really enjoy now, it lets me escape and feels good sharing (mostly) positive stories, etc.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Noooo! What happened to your hair?! Has it really been that long since I’ve seen you?? 😐 xx


  3. nice one lex… I can see you’re going far… ignore the haters and focus to achieve what others think is impossible.

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