NepUnity’s NepFusion

NepUnity has just wrapped up filming for their next dance video titled ‘NepFusion’ which took place at the Tamudhee Community Hall in Aldershot. The two-day shoot features Laxcha Bantawa, Sexy Shi Shi, MiMi (Thapa), Kush Gurung and Sunita Gurung. This video will hit their channel in the coming months and you can expect a visual spectacle. Unlike previous videos, multiple cameras have been used and for the second time a green-screen has also been used, MAYJAHHH!!. Aside from that there was tonnes of behind-the-scene people to help out and working till the early hours of the morning, encountering ghosts was definitely fun!! Enjoy the pics!
 Sexy Shi Shi, Laxcha Bantawa, Kush Gurung, Sunita Gurung, Mimi (Thapa)
 Karuna Gurung, Laxcha Bantawa, Rajeev Rai, Mamita Tsetling
 Sabrina Shrestha
Sexy Shi Shi, Sunita, Pratik, Mimi
Happy Shi Shi
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