Official Website – Jharana Bajracharya Rashid

Jharana Bajracharya has come out with her own official personal website. About time right? 
I nearly dropped my laptop when I found out about the website. After few calls to some people, I found out this is the real deal. The site is split into Living and Spirit. Living is more of a autobiography of her life which is really interesting. Her rise, fall, getting back, struggles etc. Whereas Spirit is the section where she will do blog posts regarding the ongoing in her life and share any articles/updates. The site has many candid pictures of Jharana from the past to now. 
Images that have never been published before. Some maybe disappointed by seeing the lack of glam factor however through its simplicity the designer (Nirmal Gyanwali) has managed to convey Jharana’s message and story well.

Since the release of Alok’s second directorial venture Kohi…Mero is only few days away, the KM team are busy promoting their movie. Hopefully they too can replicate the success which First Love is getting.
Please feel free to copy the image above and post it on your facebook. We as Nepali movie supporters have to take it in our own hands to spread the awareness of the movie since the producers/etc arent seem to be doing a good job with their traditional style, Im guessing they have their budget restrictions etc aswell for marketing so cant blame them.
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