No Love for First Love!

The release date of Alok Nembang’s Kohi…Mero has been postponed till the 27th August, various factors could have led to this. There’s more than 3 Nepali movies releasing on 20th (the original date), the dates for the cinemas werent available and also First Love is said to still be ”running successfully”. What annoyed me was this status update from the Admin of FIRST LOVE page on Facebook which they’ve removed now. PFFT
Kudos to the whole team for the success of the movie but seriously was there a need to use Kohi Mero’s name to raise their self-esteem. We all know what a bomb Simosh Sunwar’s Mission Paisa was. Actually, the story line of First Love seems to have been too inspired from a range of Bollywood and Hollywood flicks aswell. Thankfully there was a group of others who also had something ”EYE OPENING” to say for the First Love admin. 
Take it with a pinch of salt, FIRST LOVE. BLEH!
Enjoy the Kohi Mero title song video. 🙂 Itll be worth the wait!!

Lex Limbu
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  1. even though almost or many nepali movies/films copies other international/national movies…this one was the worst compared to others.even a tittle of a film is copy/paste of korean movie”first love” how pathetic!!!mailay ta yo film ko tittle herdai film kasto cha bhannay guess garay.thank god!! i didn’t watch this pathetic film and also didn’t waste my 2-3 hrs precious time.^_^

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