Promoting Kohi… Mero

Whatever happens, happens for the best …or a reason
Kohi…Mero which was slated to release tommorow but got delayed till the 27th is making good use of this lag time. The stars of the movie Aryan Sigdel, Jharana Bajracharya and newcomer Subash Thapa could be seen dotted around the capital attending to various Radio interviews, TV talk shows and school visits. The movie which will be released in all major cinemas in Kathmandu alongside 42 different theatres across the country is expected to do good business, I cant wait for everyone to see this shizz!!! Thanks to Binod Gautam and Sunanda Chandry Koning for all my KM updates. I hope y’all arent too tired of it coz its just gunna get BIGGER! BETTER! #BadAss!
The Hotties on NTV2’s PLAY IT ON
Kohi Mero team with Sanjay
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