Miss Nepal 2010

Miss Nepal 2010 is all set to take place on the 1st of Sept. Unlike previous years this year the title winner will also take home a Chery QQ3 car. Im all FOR these pageants, the girls may not do much for society but this is a wonderful opportunity given to them. They get a chance to make it work, make it happen in Nepal instead of heading off to ‘bidesh’. Lets hope we see more Malvika Subba’s and Sugarika KC’s
PS. is it just me or do the contestants seem more better looking this year? 
Maybe they learnt a skill or two from Navyaata’s digital editor. LOL
May the best man win. 😉 

Miss UK Nepal 2010 Contestants profile will be on the site on 31st August.
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  1. ii personally like no.1, no.12 n no.15 n m rootin for them!
    p.s. Can ii request something?
    Could ue guyz pls pls pls pls.. download the miss nepal comp. in ur lexlimbu website as well?
    Tht would be grt 🙂

  2. I personally like 1 and 12:)judging by the look of the face.Haven’t seen the body and their presentation yet.

  3. I personally like 1 and 12:)judging by the look of the face.Haven’t seen the body and their presentation yet.

  4. no.1 ko bady teti sarro mature chaina… i have seen her personally… and no.12 the gorgeous Sahana Bajracharya, well she is hot my frens…. well maintained bady… well she is a model, host, etc etc… ani Sadiccha is kinda cute though for me…. and she was in the cover of VOW…. well i m gonna cheer for the gorgeous Sahana…. go girl go./…. u got it all…. and aaru pani kaam chaina…. this year’s gonna be tough….. noone is less than anyother…. well the judges will have a hectic time though…. bcoz this time they have the most beautiful participants for me…. man @@@!!!! ani LEX, may the best girl win……

  5. May the best man win?

    The portfolio is really really badly done. I feel sorry for the girls who could have been presented with more flair.

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