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Kohi… Mero has finally hit over 40 cinemas across Nepal today. Boy am I excited! Having heard several feedbacks already, expect a filmy love story, predictable yet fresh and funny. The news thats coming my way are all positive so far. I will have a movie review shortly on the website. Going against the premiere trend in Nepal, Alok’s Kohi… Mero had a cast and crew show on Friday morning at Jai Nepal on 27th and the movie later released nationwide. Kohi Mero has faced enough hurdles, with constant ongoing changes from cinema hall owners and distributors it is evident that releasing movies in Nepal requires the influence and power from producers.
Jharana known as the most sexiest Nepali actress has been seen of late in more traditional attire. The actress has repeatedly been seen donning a kurtha in the past events; Kohi Mero audio release, press meet and the first show this morning. When asked about this the actress told filmykhabar.com that shes different from the characters she portrays in movies however she said will come all glammed up if Kohi… Mero has a sucess party. Nepali cinema is slowly changing, movies such as Kohi… Mero may not cater to everyone yet it will attract the lost audience. I hope everyone goes and watches the movie. 
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Reponse – Box Office
There was no new releases in the cinemas (Bollywood/Hollywood movies) today therefore it is expect for Nepali movies to do well including Kohi…Mero released today and Nai Navannu La, Kanun and First Love from the previous weeks. However, it has come to the surface regarding why Nai Navannu La is still being screened in certain cinemas when its underperforming. The movie was pulled out from one cinema in Kathmandu after one day yet it progresses on towards its second week. Could it be due to its influential producer? Just a food for thought. 
Saguna Manandhar (Quest Entertainment) – We had three screenings of the movie today and business was steady in the morning but it was running housefull by the afternoon and evening show.
The movie also showed similar occupancy rate in Gopi Krishna cinema, Asta Narayan and Guna Cinema. Industry experts estimate that 70% of the viewers were urban city dwellers comprising largely of the youth. The movie is expected to do good business over the weekend through word-of-mouth and from its promotion.
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