Nabina Gurung Crowned Miss UK Nepal

L-R: 1st Runner Up Sheila Shraddha Limbu, Winner Nabina Gurung, 2nd Runner Up Monica Limbu
Miss UK Nepal 2010 NABINA GURUNG
22 Year old Nabina Gurung took home the crown yesterday evening from the very first Miss UK Nepal 2010. Nabina who has only been in the UK for 7 months may not have been the viewers favourite but she fought against all odds firing perfect nearly scripted answers back to the judges. Aside from bagging the title and a cheque worth £800, Nabina also took the Miss Talent title for her performance of ”Driver Dai”
1st Runner up and Miss Best Figure Sheila Shraddha Limbu
Coming close was 1st Runner Up Sheila Shraddha Limbu who also took home the title of Miss Best Figure.
2nd Runner up and Miss Personality Monica Limbu
Lastly Monica Limbu not only became the 2nd Runner Up but also won the judges over as she was handed over the Miss Personality title. 
I hope this new platform provides these 13 individuals great opportunities in the future. Failure is a part of success, success is a part of failure. Heads high, Walk on girls. The show was packed, the organisers were probably overwhelmed…I certainly was. With no space to sit or stand and tickets being sold like theres no tommorow. Better organisation is a priority for next years event. Also, I thought it was very unprofessional of the host Laxmi Rai and judge Fattajee to have a public bitchy attacks(comments) to each other due to the host getting the judges name wrong. Suck it up guys! Y’all are old enough. The event dragged with too many performances… This would not have been possible without Sabrina Shrestha and Shanti Gurung; well done to these two hard working women. Himal Bhujel and Preeti Subba looked the ideal hosts. Definitely get them on for next year. What started off as a joke for the Nepali youth in the UK turned out to become the biggest sell out Nepali event.
Girls, if you have that drive and determination. 
Get practising for Miss UK NEPAL 2011.
Bigger and Better!

 TOP 5 Contestants
Bhawana Limbu
Shristi Gurung
Sheila Shraddha Limbu
Monica Limbu
Nabina Gurung

TITLE Winners: 
Bhawana Limbu – Miss Catwalk
Monica Limbu – Miss Personality
Nabina Gurung – Miss Talent
Sheila Shraddha Limbu – Miss Best Figure
Tina Pun – Miss Best Dress and Miss Viewers Choice
Pramila Gurung – Miss Photogenic
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Congratulation to the winners.
    My view on the pageant is, if winning the crown was all about giving right speech without considering the beauty & essence of the women who can stand out from the crowd then, they should be a politician, not a beauty queen.
    And i am looking forward to see the videos of performance of miss talent, to see if the title was given to the right person focusing purely just on their TALENT & SKILLS. The one thing i certainly wasn’t happy was the title of Best figure given to.
    Overall, i thought the judgement was based on typical nepali thinking & not 100% fair.

  2. Agree on the ‘Best Figure’ title..truthfully speaking I wasn’t very amused with some of the contestants english speaking ability, and also I would have liked to see a variable panel of judges rather than just ‘unlces’ and auntys

  3. it wasn’t a fair one. it was all about “falano and dhiskano”,as there were some name changes in the top 5 positions. The most controversial beauty pageant ever lol

  4. Firstly,,,it MEANT TO BE A Missnepal uk where there were only NEPALESE gals from ashford and that side,,SO ITS NOT REALLY MISS NEPAL UK,,its Miss nepal ASHFORD.

    its looks complete racial pageant held among gurung society,,,not any other casts involved except mongolian society.

    the judges side seems to be of very poor quality,,whom where seems to be there in judges’s side because of their money but not from fashion industry except one lady from Hongkong who is noteven of much experience.

    overall its a good try from Sabrina,,and i appreciate her effort.

  5. i think every one over there thought it was fair, nabina was the best, looks, talent, bolne ability, usko presentation. whole crowed pachi was supporting her, result was entirely based on what judges decision was…plus best figure was also right decesion, skinny bhanda ta ali ali hatta katta nai thik huncha ni,,, finally it was fair,,, no doubt,,winning ra losing ta bhai halcha ni this is life,,

  6. yes ther wer girls of Mongolian descent tara those r the only types of castes who applied .. if they dont apply thn what do u wnt organizers 2 do??..

  7. Best figure title went to the right person with little curves, but slim built. not every one prefers stick thin girls..peace

  8. I think judges were good mix and asked very pertinent questions…our girls were equally good with such great answers, well done all 13 contestants, all brave girls imo.

  9. Look at Aishwarya, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra. If they did not give ‘chakaaas’ answers, there were more beautiful contestants. They stood out and won their Miss World, Miss Universe titles because of their mixture of intellect and beauty. Otherwise only bbd i.e. beautiful but dumbos can take part in beauty pageants

  10. So according to Black Pearl, if bahun, thakuri etc or girls from other parts of Uk do not come forward to take part despite the advertisements going out months in advance, should it be halted? and where on earth are beauty pagents judged by people from fashion industry only?

  11. So according to Black Pearl, if bahun, thakuri etc or girls from other parts of Uk do not come forward to take part despite the advertisements going out months in advance, should it be halted? and where on earth are beauty pagents judged by people from fashion industry only?

  12. I felt that the organisers not mentioning Lex Limbu was a major oversight. Secondly, although my favourite was Bhawana, the judges decision seemed fair based on contestants final round answers and of course, audience reaction. Thirdly, yes, there maybe other capable Nepali people, but the judges seem to have all done their bit to earn the community’s respect and hence the difficult hot seat too. A fab evening, made even better by Sanjeev dai’s beautiful songs.

  13. In my eyes, everybody is a winner. It takes a lot of courage, confidence & determination to stand on that stage. All the 13 contestants rocked that stage. So well done 🙂

  14. could the first comment be from one of the contestants or their nearest/dearest ones? mmm makes one wonder

  15. Hope it was a great live show. Intelligence can bowl over skin deep beauty anytime so don’t act like teary eyed loser just because someone beautiful in yr eyes didn’t win the title.

  16. To be honest, the winner didn’t stood out for me until the last day so I can’t really comment just on her speaking ability. Nevertheless, all the contestants did a great job, no matter how confident or nervous they were. So we should be proud of them. Afterall, nothing is fair when you are a born

  17. i dont like when anonymous posts bichara contestant haru thikai nai ho.. uk ka nepali haruko population katinai chhara perfect contestant haru niskinu?like lex i also wished all 13 contestant to win the title tara herna jana payenarapota bore bhayo.. 🙁

  18. Fristly,,, Congratulation to all contestanters, you all are winner,s Takes a lot of confidence and ditermination to stand front of that many people.

    Secondly,,,Black perl- who said all of them from ashford area??? you only know girls from ashford that doesn,t mean they were only from ashford. Every one was welcomed to particiapate and organiser,s did their best to encouraged the girls from all over the uk, any cast, any colour, if you think racial pageant than next time you try to organise then drag all the bahun newar or what ever caste girls.If they don,t want to apply then ……………

  19. Wow..comments are flying everwhere!! Would it help if I say that the winner of miss uk Nepal had participated in miss teen & won miss university in Nepal. Umm..the contest doesn’t sound very fair now, does it??? Boohooo..the organisers.

  20. so sad tina pun was chosen for top 5 but they changed it later just after they were going to tell the names of top 5 …i hope she will do better in something else rather than a nepalese beauty contest

  21. Sore losers and those with the plenty of times on their hands to post lame comments Anonymously on this blog. Here is a piece of advice from me… GET A FREAKING LIFE and Move on man… Curtain is down, the show is over, Winner took a bow and took crown and everything with her. Personally i am not a supporter of beauty pageant i don’t like the idea of women getting tag on the stage with number on their waist as if she is on an auction block but i saw MISS UK Nepal and of all the 13 contestant The winner was smart enough to give a coherent answer to judges’s question while the rest of the contestant especially the contestant who won the most coveted title of MISS Catwalk was just mumbling something as if she didn’t even understand the question in the first place or maybe she is just too dumb.

    And pray please tell me what exactly is the essence of women??/ how do you quantify and rate it? how do you judge the essence of one woman from another??

    Yes there was no girls from Thakuri and Bahun caste in this contest but i don’t think it is due to discrimination from the Organizer after all the chief guest of the show was Bahun (Mr, Chalise). Besides how many Bahuns, Chetris and Newars are there in U.K who are active in Nepali Community?

  22. i agree with the last comment posted, everything and anything does have a little bit of controversy attached to it..and being nepalese, we obviously will have too!
    althought the winner might not be ur typical highlighted hair, stick thin makeup-laden bimbotic looking beauty queen.. she is a worthy winner and i do think some1 of her calibre should be crowned not only to represent beauty but to represent the nepalese community living in the UK.
    and no offense but miss catwalk was an entertainment to watch..she must have spent extra effort to ‘modernize’ her accent bless er.
    tina pun & srishti gurung were pretty girls who in my opinion should have gone more far..not to mention vidya gurung

  23. I just agree with everything and everyone…haha…and it was funny when an ‘anonymous’ posted a comment slaying other anoymous I thought the winner was very deserving but all the other contestants made it a very good competetion. It was very exciting, the whole evening. My sister took part in it, eventhough she didn’t win I’m still very proud of her.

  24. Omg!!! People r so hypocritical. Anonymous complaining bou anonymous’s comment bcz it was wrote by anonymous. I think you guys should really get a life.
    And wats up with you & contestant no.5?? Why do u ppl ve so much to say bou her? I was there on the show & I loved her though her last answer wasn’t relevant to the question.
    And I seriously think u should read their proflies before calling them dumb, you DUMB!!
    Well done to all the 13 contestants.

  25. wooowwww i am pissed off now.
    tbh, i wasn’t there at the event so i don’t really know how it all went down, but i know 6 of the contestants personally and I think that the ones who placed deserved to have placed.
    The fact about Ashford, NONE OF THOSE CONTESTANTS WERE FROM ASHFORD, how do i know? Well because i’m from Ashford jackass! I don’t admire people like you, Black Pearl, who think it’s a racial dived just because other casts were not in the final running. And to be honest, I think it’s a good opportunity for all those who are Kirati and Gurungs to get a chance at a pageant which is quite a big deal now because in Miss Nepal, most of the finalists are usually the latter casts of the Nepalese society who populate most of Nepal. most likely the only reason why alot of the finalists were Limbus/Rais/Gurungs is because they are the ones who mostly live in the U.K.

    And hmmm, I think Nabina Didi won it respectively and she already had experience because I heard she was also Miss University in Nepal. Congrats to her and to the Begha sisters for 1st and 2nd runners up!

    Yayyy, i feel all better 🙂

    “Bhushan Rajkumar Rana”

    I feel extermely dissappointed for not being recognised at all after attending all of these social events. Therefore I would like to put out a statement towards the nepalese society and furthermore the world.

    I truly believe Miss Best Figure and Miss Photogenic titles should have gone to myself.
    Well if you want proof just look at my modelling portfolio

    Thats not all tho in my facebook profile. I have over 40 albums and 161 profile pictures which have been photoshoped and amended at the precise places. As you can see I am veteran in this field. My dark skin tone is generally well received by the ladies. If you want a sneak peek at my model pics, just add me- which most people want to anyways!/Hero.Honda.SRK.Rana
    As I was saying if you are talking about talent, I have been blessed with heaps of it. Just look at this video which displays my unique distinctive dancing style.

    I think I have put out my statement clear and decisively enough to be recognised in the next Miss UK nepal. I do not want to continue onwards by boring my ladies fans and viewers. Thank you very much for taking this time to listen what I have to say till then… 2011 Miss UK Nepal WILL BE MINE!!!!!

  27. Well, I thought the competition was very fair . I mean its not always about how pretty you look ,is it? Honestly, I think all the controversy about tina pun being in top 5 and some one removing her name is just stupid and useless .I think some one just made it up. Everyone who was in that hall knows that her answer in the first round wasn’t good and THAT is the reason she didnt make it. She got two titles though and I think that’s quite an achievement. She should appreciate that and not make a big deal out of that useless krap. The ones who deserved won ! Finally congrats to Nabina Gurung, Shiela Shraddha Limbu and Monica Limbu! p.s Shiela Shraddha Limbu so deserved the ‘best figure title’. Whats wrong with your eyes people :S

  28. well i think the one who has said tat the winner loooks lik an AUNTY…FOR TAT PATICULAR PERSON imma say knock knock..u shud go to specsaver mate!!!its such a disrespect to say tat….she ws well deservin as she ws so presentable and witty… dose who didnt get her answer or didnt get wht she ws sayin den its not yo fault it takes brain to understand or may be u were born dumb!!!n u dunno when a person is talkin right things..i thhink u shud start skoolin again..when ppl takin part dun win they cum up wit their own stories lik i shud have won…she looks lik an aunt n boost bout demselves gwad its so like childish…grow up…duh!!!buh reality check mate—–u aint got wht it takes to b dere where she is nw so all yo haters bettr shu-up n i witnessed it all live n i kno tat she is worth of the fame n tiara..n its too late cuz she have already won so wht u can do is lay back and talk behind her back tat is wht u gud at i think….like a typical looser does..lmsao>>>NO OFFENCE…!!!!

  29. Truely a nepali pageant! congrats to all winners specially to nabina gurung who despite being new in the uk nepali society managed to bagged it, look at the other contestants who being in uk for almost more than half of their life herya herai…Tbh guys thakuris,chettris or bahuns are a bit on conservative side unlike others. btw tyo euta matrai thakuri ‘bhawana sen’ chai kata harayo looks like shes become MRS NGYUN haha

  30. Yes i think Pramila should not have won miss photogenic title…it should have gone to Bhavana because she look better in photo than in real life:)As for Pramila they should have name a camera after you :)of all the 13 contestant pramila you are the best 🙂

  31. really amazes me how much ppl have something to say about bhawana. It’s hard to believe that it’s coming from so many ppl or maybe who knows, it might be only coming from 1 person & their ass lickers. I suggest you guys put your knickers on & get a freaking life.
    You can clearly see that she ain’t bothered about your comments. I admire her because it really shows that she is above all this & definitely all you losers.
    Keep wasting your worthless time. Sad, sad, sad!!! Hahaha…lmao.

  32. i think we should stop typing get a life…and those who actually type this should get one…I don’t have a life so i’m here…lol…I like Bhawana baini..she’s very confident, Pramila baini is equipped with great features, nabina baini is smart and intelligent but Sheila baini hhmmm its not like she hasn’t got it…she’s got a ‘nice’ figure not the best..i must say….I find her body out of proportion..and I know about proportions cos i’m out of it too..haha..she’s got good hips…no boobs (there it goes..out in the open, and extremely longer body in contrast to her legs..) anyone agree??? or shall i go to specsavers..oh wait i did go to specsavers.

  33. hahahaha , this is funny. To the person above : does your ‘BHAWANA BAINI’ have boobs then? Most of the contestants didnt have any . and i dont think thats anything to be ashamed of . We’re all nepalese and we’re born that way . Brains matter and boobs dont . Talk some sense alriteeee .

  34. Great Wall . If theres anyone who should get a life its you . ‘guys put your knickers on & get a freaking life.’ pffttt ! haha , youre sad yourselff mate ! I think all the contestants did a good job and congratulations to all .

  35. OMG .. this forum is so MEOW… lol. I think it takes a lot of guts for anyone to stand infront of a crowd and have them judge u. So i say The shows over guys , Stop judging.

  36. yeah exactly tats wht m sayin ya’ll shud not dsrespect wht the winner has takes alotta hardwrk n effort to go up dere when evryone is watchin u n b yoself and fire back the answer just in 2 mins…..well must saythe winner has got it all..she has pretty face talent personality and yeah most of all brain.i ws not takin personnel grudes out cuz reality check i dun kno dem i ws jus defending the fact tat sumone jus wrote in an official website tat the winner looks lik aunty…tats such a dsrespect…we all have got LIFE..duh!!!and ull b offended if sumone cums up n humiliate u callin u aunty infrnna bunch of ppl..while u r celebratin fo yo victory…aniwys she proved tat brain does mattr n she has got conclusion ppl….she doesnt look lik an aunty…n she is briliant n so worth of wearin tat tiara….ta!!!

  37. I think Sheela Shraddha Limbu’s figure deserved the title award-what proportion is one single person talking about. And I was pleased with the results- everyone did well””!! go girls!

  38. Haha seriously people…I’m enjoying reading all the comments, not because somebody’s getting criticized or somebody’s getting all the praise but because all of us got so much to say about these brave girls who really stood out in the crowd. So, i got to say something…all girls were great in their own way…put yourself in their shoe and think… they gave their best…i think it hurts when you give your best and in return get all the negative comments from people like us!!So please it would be very kind of us to put an end to it. Lastly,Congratulations to all 13 contestants for your unseen hardwork, talent and courage!!! Hats off to you all!!!

  39. nabina gurung, was the best and i can see the potential in her. she is the perfect idol to represent the young youth living here in the u.k. bless her.. and all the other contestants! peace

  40. @BlackPearl टिमी ni टिमी MR. KC Saटि ho????
    Sabrina ko approuse garyo ni टिमी le..
    टिमीharu टYesto chaina bhaneko ´ट maile Brahman maटra or टिमी cross ho wid Brahman

    u shudn’t bring cast and stuff…

  41. To
    Look at Aishwarya, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra. If they did not give ‘chakaaas’ answers, there were more beautiful contestants. They stood out and won their Miss World, Miss Universe titles because of their mixture of intellect and beauty. Otherwise only bbd i.e. beautiful but dumbos can take part in beauty pageants

    Reply ho hai yaha bata

    Amboo Dhoti Fan ……
    Dats why Dhoti wins title when Miss world event happens in UK…

  42. i wud take an example from Africa and knock down all those BollyWOODS di*kShits i mean Dixit ( u know Madhuri)s…
    source: Newzealand News

  43. givin An example of Indianz after a decade .
    Seriously, which Operating System do u have ???
    Dat was 10 years ago …

  44. Hahaha. Let’s face it people, the deserving, the one with the right combination of beauty and brain won! Isn’t that all that matters by the end of all of this? Let’s not get personal and offend anyone. May nepal do something good for the community and let us all support her in doing so.

  45. Yep!Its all the way Nabina Gurung, after all she got what we all want (BEAUTY & BRAINS.U rock girl:)Congratulation to all the judges for being 100% fair and Hats off to all the contestants!

  46. agreed! my best wishes to the most beautiful nepali girl, NABINA GURUNG! gorgeous and extremely talented girl, keep it up. you deserve to be where you are today. All the best.

  47. I feel I know exactly who Black Pearl is, thanks for coming out with your inner thoughts which you are never brave enough to express even though you have got Gurungs(whom you call friends) around you. Well done you hypocrite no wonder you chose ‘black’ as your username- shows how black your heart is, you racist pig

  48. LOL…Shame on all the Haters!!…All you do is complain!!…
    Instead of congratulating all the 13 Contestants for doing an amazing Job!…You guys are complaining like anything!…Kiddos, Grow Up!!…

  49. Nabina Gurung, Certainly Impressed me but listen to her final answer and you will realise, she didn’t actually answer the actual question asked!!…LOL….

  50. And I think Pramila and Teju were the only ones with the actual British accent…It seemed totally natural…

  51. To the ones saying Tina Pun deserved the title…or should have been in the Top 5…!…Man!…Were you even there??..Did you hear her answers?? She is really beautiful and all that but for your kind information Miss NepalUK was not just a beauty pageant…!!…Would you want someone to represent your country who cannot really hold up the title!!…Even Shristi Gurung shouldn’t have been in the Top 5!!…This was the first ever Miss NepalUK!!…I think we just all stop judging and actually accept that its all done and dusted…haha…

  52. Just watched the vdo on utube mate, dude, did u listen to the question? It asked ur opinion n not the fact! The winner had a diplomatic and a very appropriate answer to what she knew about the cultural clothes and what she preferred to wear. the judges were there with the ability to judge who the winner will be and fair enough, they justified it well. I liked what nabina answered and I was there to witness it. To b on that stage with more than 800 ppl must be tough n coming up with an answer like that… I kno I wouldn’t be able to! So mate, all you can do is just give your lame opinion which clearly, I bet, the winners don’t care. Cheers

  53. I think judges did very good job every title were with right contestant but It would b better if there was bit more titles..and nxt time chai venue alik thulo bhaye ma ajha ramro hunetyo n stage waz not up u level as well too limited contestant were like adjusting…

  54. Miss U.K Nepal is a beauty pageant,therefore the only judgement criteria should be beauty, not politics,not cast, just beauty.

  55. just read the comments though it seems im a tad bit late. lemme clear this out wid whoever the fuck u are ” anonymous”. YES this is Bhawana sen also known as BEE NGUYEN and spell that right. I havent gone anywhere infact i have been right here supporting my friend Pramila Gurung and the reason to why i didnt take part in MISS UK NEPAL is because of low life people like you, i knew whether i did or did not win this pageant I would stil have to put up wit criticisms from sad people like you who have nothing better to do other than sit at home and judge people.
    get a life. i am nepalese myself but im starting to get embarrassed of calling myself one because of people like you.

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