Meet Maya Rana! Shes an international model born in Australia with Nepali roots. This 5’feet 8inch tall model has been successful with many work to her credit so far and is part of Chadwick Models. I’d tell you more about her but I dont know enough so enjoy the pictures for now :D.


  1. I have known about her for few months now. There is one more model of Nepali decent (half-Nepali, half-Indian). Her name is Aishika Chand. Just google her name and you will see some great photos of her.

  2. @sujan uday
    aww you’re so naive, thats so sweet. but its 2010 most of this “underage” readers have seen worst then this.

  3. Mr Limbu and i kcked you from my Facebook as you area spy of Liberator Ahsi the maoist. I have not given you permission to steal photos of my daughter who no doubt is the ultimate Model for Nepalese people.

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