Maoists! Get LOST

A woman finds her husband among dozens of policemen killed in a Maoist raid in Naumule in Dailekh. Photo: Chandra Shekhar Karki
Yes I have a problem with the maoists. After reading a new post on MyRepublica, my dislike for this group has been renewed, once again. Seriously, after the endless struggle of so many years which took away the lives of more then 12,000 and affected many millions not forgetting slowing the development of the country, they (maoists) still havent been able to prove why they went into the ‘struggle’ in the first place. However they think its perfect to keep threatening to go underground or go into another ”revolt”
 A woman washes blood from the steps of her shuttered shop the day after the Maoist attack on Beni.
Photo: Thomas Bell
It pisses me off when I see certain members of the media publicly dancing with the maoist leaders or when I see maoist leaders comfortably attending and inaugarating public events as if they’ve worked hard to be in that position. Maoists minions out there may argue saying yes they have worked hard but guess what, theyve worked hard killing people. People lived comfortably in Nepal once… they (maoists) are also the reason why so many flee’d abroad when they had the chance and now they can baselessly use ”maoists” as their excuse to not return to Nepal.
Two Words. Get Lost. 

This post is in memory of all those innocent people that were lost during the ”struggle” 

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. so what are ur thought about limbuwan movement they are closely affiliated with the maoists do u support these kinda movement or u against thoese small groups ????

  2. Maoist started their people’s war 14 years ago to end the injustices that poor Nepali have been suffering since the unification of Nepal. Lex ji “Absence of Violence doesn’t mean there is Peace”. Unrestrained corruption by our mainstream politician has caused more havoc in ordinary Nepali lives than 14 years of people’s war.

    Last year in our so called peace time 150 people died in Jajarkot alone and more than 200 in the neighbouring regions due to outbreak of cholera. We could have saved those life with 2 rupees worth of Jeevan Jal (Oral re-hydration solution)but no politician rather spend that amount in Tea Party, Pajero and expensive and useless junket on foreign countries.

    I am not condoning what Maoist did but State and the army are equally responsible for what happen during People’s War and to certain extent we the citizens are also responsible for our sorry state and getting involved in a partisan politics.


  3. ya boy talkin abt limbuan movement.i’ll say go n fuck urself…nobody shud support dose kinda day u gn see gurung;s movement n another day..sum other minority group…country shud b united regardless of caste n group…ya get dis in ya head bruv…
    n yo…listen ya maoist supportin dirty piece of cunt..dont blame all the people for someone else’s shit..especially the vulnerable ones…we all know who is responsible…certainly not the innocent citizen of nepal… moaist are fuckin terrorist ..n dey deserve nthing but hell…n ya beta stop writin abt dose loosers…n get a fuckin piece of lyf…peace..cheers for years



  5. Lyon5 you are the cunt and Punany, either you are poser who think he is black or you need to go to grammer school and learn proper english. Respek… BOOYAKA Bitch…


  7. LEX can u please also clarify on ur next post about LIMBUWAN ur stand point views and what are the thoughts of our young generation towards this new trend of district cast politics we deeply need to address these pity problem that are tearing our community apart Thanks ———————–best regards
    Kisor gurung

  8. Its stupid to comment on something we don’t have an inkling about.
    I know some people who’s always served their country and yet always seen as useless, corrupt people. And yes, I am talking about Nepal Police. I am sure there will be a lot of people who’ll be commenting on this post criticising Nepal Police.
    I once heard a person say, “While I was going through the one way road, I got caught by the police, so inorder to get out of trouble I gavr him Rs. 200. Nepal Police are really corrupt” Hmmm…With so little pay, with no time for family, with no timely holidays, with no weekends, and most of all, with no respect from people who they serve, what do you expect? Who was the one to offer bribe in the first place? A wrong doer, of course. I’d say go for it, you deserve every bit of it. And people generalise the whole police force, if someone’s done sth bad then its the whole force, innit? Lex, you can atleast say GET LOST to the Maoists, you have the right, how do you think each and every Police feel whilst serving the people who killed their colleagues during the Maoist-Police Clash times.
    Nepali Government has always been corrupt, actually, the whole Nepalese society is corrupt. Each and every Nepalese is a corrupt citizen.

  9. When its time to criticise, everyones ahead, when its time to vote everyones away.
    Someone above said, everyone is responsible, obviously everyones responsible, most of all its us, the General Nepalese Public. We just know how to talk and criticise and thats it.
    Maoists Revolution has brought the country to a new era, I cannot see the future ahead in Nepali politics as its still complicated, but the road the Maoists took was indeed really violent. They are murderers, there is no doubt about that. The road that they took shows where they’ll lead Nepal. Once a killer always a killer…
    Someone commented that even Maoists are Nepalese, do you know how many children and simple Nepalese were forced to join the Maoists. One of the leader Dr. BabuRam Bhattarai, strip him of his title Dr., such an educated man, and look at what road he chose.
    Anyways, I haven’t contributed to Nepalese Politics until now, so I guess I don’t have the right to actually blame others. All I can do is criticise like everyone of us.
    By the Way, Why doesn’t Lex Ever reply to the comments.

  10. Call all the Gorkhalis, they will treat Each and every Police Forces, Maoists and Bad Politician..!!! Then only “Sabai Neta,Maowaadi, Police harule Diusai aakasko tara dekchha..!!”Please, Gorkhalis instead of fight for other country’s, go back to your own motherland and save all the tears of Mother & save all poor & honest people..!!!

  11. support to lyon5…some fuckin people talking abt LIMBUWAN movement…damn it…wht do you want another subcaste movement???newar,gurung,and others….and ya these maoist are illiterate,”PAKHE”,and violent people….no respect to them….and rekha thapa greatest bitch of all the tym….FUCK MAOIST…

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  13. lex, please mind your language. Brother, you need to do your proper research before you post something like this. You are showing pictures of the so called “innocent policemen”, i feel sorry. But what about the other half of the story? how about those pictures where policemen raped innocent village girls during the kings insurgency period huh? and the torture they gave the public by harrasing them physically and mentally???? i am not 100% in favor of the maoist, but brother, if it wasn’t for them then we could not have voiced our (mongolians)opinion.. Glad that we, the mongolians, the madhesis have woke up to the super dominant brahmin society. The action of the maoist maybe wrong, but their thoughts aren’t. Seems like you enjoyed monarchy where these certain and so called “hi-fi” rich ass people dominated poor people, where the weak ones were always supressed and again would like to mention, could not voice their opinion???!!!! Get some education on th political structure before you write something based on what you see on media and those pictures you posted… piece of advise for you lex “READ THE ENTIRE CONTENT OF A BOOK BEFORE JUMPING TO ITS CONCLUSION”!!!!!!!

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    They are the only force that can save our country’s sovereignty.

    For country’s sake you can kill as many as you like.

    Why else do we have a army? If we are so against killing, shouldn’t we also disband the Nepal army?

    Maoists should start by killing all these mis-educated, “sahariya”, that you have as your visitors.

    These morons have no grasp on reality.

    Somehow they tend to think that they know better just by being born in a city.


  17. i thought this group was about something nepalese would be proud of it, all Nepalese no monglolians aryans or others caste. I see u post these kind of post without understanding or without resource. Its not only nepali government or maoists that have corrupted our country its we that are responsible, we can only talk or make a facebook and complain about parlamint or something i respect those people who actuaally stood up from bring a revolution in nepal (to al those heroes). and one person who said prasand son is studying in england DO THINK OR RESOURCE before you write something his son is in nepal, his son has studied in nepal or something not more than that so dont BLA BLA BLA. And one of the most negative points of nepali is that they are loyal to foreigner than to nepali.
    and sorry for my bad english 😀

  18. and lex you have not replied any message, you had posted this post so you are ressponsible to answer it.
    and in revolution many people are dead (peace to those people) all are nepalese weather they are maoist or not. and i hope u would also say some of your view point I respect your point of view if you have a right reason otherwise you are like others guys who do not do anything just show write some post without a reason . i was almost liking you page in facebook thinking you were some broad minded but sad this is just your personal views only urs.I am sorry for commeting in your pesonal post but its your fault u shouldn’t had make it public :p.
    by the is your page only about fashion and stuffss i thought it was about nepalese people climbing in fashion( films), didnt know it was political also :p

  19. and surabhi you have a point, but there are also other people dominanted even brahims self, now in nepal its all about money. who have MONEY they have POWER.

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