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Say Yes party by TopEvent UK took place on the 19th December just when London was going through one of the coldest Winters in history. With Arctic weather conditions and snow affecting much of the country it was a tense moment for event organisers on the 19th. On the same night Farnborough Ballers had Hamro Party – Traffic Light Party at Club Colleseum in Vauxhall. Its pretty evident that to make a Nepali party successful it needs to be attended not only by those living in the area but those who travel from afar. Whatever doubts the event organisers may have had slowly faded away when masses of Nepalese party animals graced both events. 
Showing their true Nepalese; Gurkha Spirit – the word is that BOTH events was enjoyed by the attendees. Here are some of the images from SAY YES which took place at the World-class MINISTRY OF SOUND. I remember walking into the VIP lounge at 2am after finishing my duties and this was one of the first time where everyone had got tipsy before me. All in all, my observation tells me people had a pleasant time.

NepHop UK
Momo Dumpling

My theory on parties is that, its the same, same DJ (in most cases), same music, its about you and who you’re with. You are the dance, the party is the music. You have to MAKE it fun.
Girls selling Party accessories for Maiti Nepal
Sizzling ladies gracing the VIP lounge
I think these are the ‘Cool Kids’
Kent Represent – dude on the left (friskyy)
NepHopUK and Mastermind Performing
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Lex Limbu
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