Disney Channel Wants YOU!

This is not an April fool’s post. Disney Channel – look’s like the Indian one, are on the hunt for a Nepali actor! Now you could be the next Zac and Cody! Maybe Ram and Shyam without the Shyam. The requirement’s are below.

1. Good looking young male around 20 – 27 years age. 

2. Should NOT be able to speak Hindi very well. Nepali style hindi speaking is best. 

3. Should be an actor, someone who can deliver on cue. 

4. 2 month shooting schedule in Mumbai for the show (actual start of production will be disclosed later)

5. The show is comedy so prior experience in comedy is an added advantage though not a necessity. 

Interested candidates please send photos & acting reference scenes from earlier jobs to me at this mail address.

Babarmahal, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4102084
Email: rohitavsharma@gmail.com, production.g21@gmail.com
Funnily, they want interested individuals to contact within the next 24 hours. I mean like, is this a ‘mega-joke’, people atleast need time to know, consider, and decide. Plus, think of the Nepali timing. Anyways I hope they find a Nepali actor instead of finding an Indian actor who can speak Nepali.

PS. I don’t want to see #we hate India comments below.

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  1. ..this is not a hate comment…BUTTT!!! they are trying to take a micky out of nepalese people..accent..they wanna create a streotype for their own sheer entertainment…sure its a gd opprtunity but u never know ..they r really clever….i can give u soo many examples on how they potray us in their media.eg. the coke ad of amir khan.i mean wot a jk man always a negative vibe

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