Love Language Video – Nepali Remake

I must be ‘2 thousand late’ because I only came across the Nepali remakes of the Love Language video today. The Love Language video’s were part of The Jubilee Project… before I go on my essay like explanation just watch the video and it’ll all become all too clear. 

This is the original winning video here, and this video is my favorite version which seems to have beaten the viewing hits of the original. Anyways, here are the two Nepali remakes of the Love Language;

Lex Limbu
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  1. That was interesting and quite heartwarming to see nepali people stepping out frm behind the curtains (: Even so, my fave remake is the remake of Love Language by bootihole. Do look that up. Their acting (tho not perfect) is so much more gratifying for me. ((: (AND I looove the background music of this vid)

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