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This video was shared to me a long time ago but it had sat on my inbox just waiting to be watched. Well thank you Ujwal for sharing this… though its not a Nepali video the message of this video is strong and hopefully it will inspire or change us in someway or the other.

Happy Tihar everyone, be safe.
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  1. Inspiring video. Have you watched kiwi (YouTube) btw. That’s a real tearjerker. One of a kind- pan’s lambrynth. Worth a watch.

  2. I almost cried when I bought a nailcutter form one street seller in ratnapar. I bargained thinking that he probably trying to fool me saying the high price but he wasn’t really. I gave 50rs and should get 30 back, while he was giving me the change I noticed that he was blind… I insisted him to put the changes but he denied… he was great guy really.

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