I don’t know why there have been more than several instances when posters of Nepali films have surfaced that have been literally copied or been a much too inspired from Hollywood or Bollywood movie posters. We have able graphic designers, poster designers in Nepal that one can utilise but I guess when one who does not have a skill in creating such posters is given the task then cases such as ‘Devyani’ [poster] happen.

But I guess for the team behind the movie this poster is ”dherai ramro! dekhiyeko bhanda nikkai naya dhaar ko” etcetera! What a let down… if you want to copy then copy well and make it better. 


  1. hey lex why didn’t u say the same about the yama buddha song…its a total rip off. you shouldn’t encourage such thing

  2. this is the song ‘anonymous’ is talking about. u could say it’s a rip off. but as lex said, if u copy it, copy it well and make it better.

    i thought the lyrics were great and the way he sung it too.

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