Koreans Sing Nepali Anthem – Flawless!


Dare I say, this is one of the cutest videos I’ve watched. A group of Koreans singing Yo Nepali Sir Uchali, Sayau Phula Thunga in their Korean Nepali accent! It’s a must watch and share. I don’t quite know where the video was taken  – not informed too much regarding the program but I guess it must’ve been some official student exchange program or a day marking the friendly ties between the two nations.

The speech that the Korean student gives in Nepali is something you can’t help but smile at. With all the Korean craze amongst Nepali teens, I’m sure even we too can pull of something like this… but we probably would be singing 2NE1 and Big Bang songs. Jokes apart , enjoy the video.

PS. Driver Dai – Second video from Lex in Nepal on Youtube tonight at 8PM!
Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
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  1. Uk aako 3 barsa ma saram nalagikana Nepali birsiyo bhanne manche yaha bheti sake…yo chai tiniharule hernu parne jasto raichha…

  2. hahahaha look at all the corrupt bahuns official in the front row bored out their mind… they will love it if it was some naked girl gyrating on some cheap bollywood item song… tsk tsk tsk but the korean girls are just too adorable… 🙂

  3. korean are one of the civilized disciplined, hard working, honest people, nepalese must learn from them, it is funny most people say jay nepal,but in real life they fail to portray it, its true that most of nepalese are uncivilized.
    And they never stop to criticize each other.

    I was asked by one foreign teacher about why you people are so uncivilized , he drop to conclusion after monitoring majority of classes, and he faced problem with nepalese (student from almost every nepali caste background ).

    I was silenced for a while, and i told maybe due to education , and oppression of former and corrupt government and chaos scenario of nepal,i told him average nepalese are generation behind due to their denial and restriction to education by former cruel dictator, and i told him nepal is changing, and it will rise.

    And he smiled and wished me luck.

    Badal thapa magar

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