Yama Buddha’s New VIDEO – Saathi


Lyrics that one can relate to personally or through experiences from friends or the other. Video that touches even the hardest of souls. And rap that flows. A rap with a meaning. That’s why hundreds are sharing it all over social networking sites already. This is Yama Buddha’s newest music video for Saathi. Directed by Sanzip Rai. 


UPDATE: So you guys have been sharing me the link of the original beat from the song Saathi by Yama Buddha. Hmm. I personally think that even though the music/beat [whatever you call it] is not original, the video has been very well directed with strong lyrical content and Yama Buddha sounds very good rapping. What are your thoughts?
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  1. Receiving all the credit while 80% of it is someone else’s hard work… now if u start to compliment that, nepalese music is dead…f**kin dead…

  2. chikne pakhe haru ..its a free instrumental http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On7Fne3PzCg..even that arab used the instrumental..yamabuddha wrote his own lyrics…muji pakhe haru ta ho k tha huncha music ko barema..muji kun chai unsigned artist le arkako beat use gardaina..chkne tyo beat use garnu milcha bhanera owner le lekheko cha aru pakhe haru kina hero.randi..respect to yamabuddha

  3. @ Anonymous said…
    29 November 2011 16:14

    yamabuddha wrote his own lyrics….
    So u need free instrumental free Lyrics …what do u need Yama’ss

  4. although its a copy.. its a brilliant n well directed song.. who gives a shit bout the original song..enjoy the song..

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