Thulo Bato Coming Soon!

A building being bulldozed near Min Bhawan
 Hoina hoina, naya film ‘coming soon’ bhaneko hoina but after getting a reality check from few twitter friends I finally got the word that our Doctor Saheb led government is on a huge road expansion spree and it looks like nothing and no one will stop him. At this rate Kathmandu wallah’s will soon be seeing or are already seeing ‘thulo bato’, but hopefully it won’t be tooo thulo or else our city might look like the people do not have enough bikes and cars. 
Add the seasonal petrol crisis onto it then our not quite ‘1 Million’ tourists might be thinking even the traffic is getting load-shedding. But then thank’s to brother India for Tata Nano I guess these thulo bato is soon ready to be trafficked as well. No not that type of traffic that will have our hero Anuradha Koirala coming and saving the day. Whilst we must be glad that the road ministers are actually leaving the office and working on the road there is a growing number of people that are ready to throw stones and call a chakka jam. Kina na risaununi, afno mehenat gareko sampati ghar banayera ultai bulldozer le bhatkako dekhda, hoina ra? Compensation alik pugdaina bhanera halla sunindai cha, thik kura chahi bujna baki nai cha. 
I’m hearing several newly constructed commercial buildings including VOLKSWAGON showroom in Lazimpat face demolition which is quite heartbreaking. Yespali ohh ho Nepal ma pani yetro bademan building raicha bhanera tempo ko satta ma tyo bato photo khichdai hideko thiye, let’s hope the owners and the government come up with a hefty agreement benefiting both sides. Bujnai sakiyena, yo enroached land ma construct gareko ho ki, afnai landma bhanera.Kura chahi pakkai gahiro nai hola.
Ke cha bichaar? Ke tapailai yo thulo bato banaune planning le affect garne walla cha?
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Going Going GONE!
Lex Limbu
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  1. Those buildings were made on the government property and hence, it was their stupidity to build houses on government’s property thinking no one will ever notice. I don’t think anyone will be getting any kind of compensation since it was never their property in the first place and secondly, it is not legal to build houses on land that is not yours.

  2. Kura j sukai ho thik ke bethik, lex bro ko lekhai ko style chi aati sahe k….hehehhe…

    Aaba mero ghar ktm ma vako va ta i wud have been among those to do chhakka jam, neither i have vehicle nor ghar in ktm, so MALAI BAAL!!!! hehhehhe

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