Ek Chin with Jharana Bajracharya


If there was one video that I have been excited about all along then this probably take’s the first spot. Here is Ek Chin with Jharana Bajracharya, I hope you guys watch it even if you don’t really follow her work or know who she is. More than about her career, the interview focuses on life… and that’s the common thing between all of us.
I became a fan of Jharana after watching her Dishanirdesh interview on Nepal Television where she tackled tough questions from Vijay Kumar back in 2003, since then I’ve been following her music videos, movies, interviews and what not. Before, I used to think… if I meet her I’ll ask… where have you been, what have you been doing? how can you sustain your life with so little work, but when I was preparing to do the interview… I was speechless. I didn’t quite know where to begin or what to ask. I hope the few questions that I’ve asked will give you a better glimpse into the person she is and the life that she want’s to take forward.
Ek Chin with Jharana Bajracharya
Jharana Bajracharya Rashid
Prawesh Limbu – Camera 
Bhawana May Rai – Assistance
Laxcha Bantawa – Editor
Warrak Limbu – Intro Animation
PS. The rashid on the ‘Jharana Bajracharya Rashid’ comes from her dad’s side of the family. Strangely after the announcement of Miss Nepal, only the ‘Bajracharya’ got picked up.
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  1. proud of u lex..finally u r matured for interview conpared with before…u have come a long way 🙂 ..happy for u ..ur question was so depth and it was clear…all the second is worth to watch …i super like it yesari nai ho interview liney going personal but giving some positive morals to everyone…way better than namrata shrestha ekchin coz u didnt go quite personal with her 🙂 thanks lex for video and u r doing a great job..i hope u bring more ekchin with …but go deep personal with them in a good way ..:)

  2. she is so fucking impolite….no respect for fans.gueesed, she got fucked-up from all over…likewise broke-up with her hubby & etc. which is the why she is giving-up to play moives n all.

  3. That was a good one! Great questions lex!
    Jharana looked a tad self-conscious in front of the camera but beautiful still. Maybe go through the questions with her beforehand so she can deliver better-thought out answers? But anyways, I can totally relate with her decision to do meditation. Hopefully in time she will be able to bridge over the gap between the spiritual and physical 🙂
    Overall, great interview!

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