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Deepak Gurung
Music to me, is everything. Without music, I feel so lonely and abandoned even when there are people around me. It’s what inspired me to sing. I first picked up a microphone when I was in school to sing ‘Everything I do’ by Bryan Adams for a Talent Contest. I was so nervous then but when I finished singing, the positive response and appreciation I got from the audience made me proud and kept me going. From then onwards, I knew I had a deep desire to sing.
Eventually, I learned to play a guitar so that I could sing whenever I wanted to. Till today I remember that after school I used to go to the park with my friends carrying a guitar and playing tunes of Kandara, Nepathya, Madhyanna etc in Pokhara. Life got busier there and I didn’t have much time for singing or playing tunes with my friends. Whenever I get chance to sing or perform, I just grab the opportunity and let myself go with the music. I have taken part in small singing contests but never been luck enough to win. I have not really had time to take part in a contest due to other commitments but now I would like to take T-FEST serious and sincerely hope to continue my desire to sing with the help of this event.
Here’s Deepak performing Preeti Basyo by Nima Rumba and The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Which one do you like better? 
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