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Saugat Limbu
Representing/Feltham, London
I started singing at the age of 16. Having started in a school band in Hong Kong my position was as a lead guitarist, however I didn’t perform much in Hong Kong. Our band was dismissed the day I left and came to UK. I didn’t do much until the age of 16 when I really started to take my singing career seriously with the help and support from my family. I am also studying to be a chef and hope that one day I will be a successful Chefone but beside that I would also like to show my passion for music as I really love to perform. My main inspiration behind me singing has been my mom who has really inspired me to try out new things by not only holding a guitar and be a lead guitarist but also to sing and take my singing passion further by doing solo performances in many of the local events in Hounslow, Reading, Feltham and more. Everything I learned until now is due to the help from my mates in Hong Kong.
What do you guys’ think?? I like his rendition of Kanye West’s Heartless! Leave a comment below!

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