Budhathoki Family Await Treatment

The Budhathoki family of Khare in Dolakha are awaiting treatment in Kathmandu where they hope to undergo laser treatment to remove the hair from their face, this rare genetic condition is known as hypertrichosis. Strange looks and mockery have become normal for the family but for the first time the children are very hopeful and excited to go back to school with a new face.

UPDATE: The title has been amended, thank you for the wake-up comments. Apologies!

Source: The Himalayan Times

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  1. I know It’s name of the syndrome but still I find this title very offending ‘werewolf family’ you should rethink abt it.

  2. lex, at least u could have refrained from using that word, even in quotes…not everything need be masala catchy topic.

  3. the title should be changed Lex because it is offending,it is same like calling an obese person pig.You are an educated fool just feeling educated.

  4. I dont know why Nepal media has to make a big deal out of it. It is not good to publicize or look into people’s lives and weaknesses. I am pretty sure the family don’t want their face in paper thats why they are getting a laser treatment. I pray for their success in the treatment.

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