NephopUK’s DREAMGIRL – Listen Here

So the full track of NephopUK’s DREAMGIRL has finally surfaced online and I’m loving it! Gotta add it on my pod asap! The boys of NephopUK made up of R.Jay, Bish, TMG, Johan and James have laid low for a while but with this track surfacing, I’m sure they’ll be out performing in no time.

James Shrestha’s solo effort of Timi Nai Timi was another one that I liked! Anyways 
”dont you worry about a thing gurlll kinaki timi meroo dreamgurlll” Lovee it! Do you?

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Hey Lex,I have request for you.Can you please have more info about Varun sjb Rana, after watching his movie i have totally fallen for him ,but could not get my hand over him lol, and even Google does not seems to work in this case.please something like interview or anything just got to be related with him.please,thank you

  2. Awesome, it was worth the wait!

    I hope they do an epic music video for this… if anyone from the group is reading this… please don’t do that over-exposed contrast thing that happened with Timi Nai Timi’s music video.

    Just a random idea, but perhaps you guys can invest and hire a studio to do some of the shots with proper lighting.


  3. sounds so jay sean-y. lol and ”dont you worry about a thing gurlll kinaki timi meroo dreamgurlll”..haha lyrically challenged much?

  4. FFS who keeps leaking this!!! this isnt even the full version. my verse isnt mastered properly. arghhhh!!!! Can you please take this down lex 🙂 ill send u the full version on facebook.

  5. To Anonymous

    Lyrically challenged? Why don’t you make a better song and share it with us then. Lyrical quality is as good as half the shit that’s out in English and/or Korean.

    If that’s still lyrically challenged to you, then why don’t you share with us some alternatives and help the NepHop movement than negatively criticising it.

    P.S. I am not one of the boys.

  6. To Anonymous who said-“Lyrical quality is as good as half the shit that’s out in English and/or Korean.”

    why so upset? you’re happy with mediocre and that’s perfectly okay! i was only giving my opinion is all:)

  7. nice one, dont u worry abt a thing girl, kini ki timi mero dream girl……hehe
    too much repeated why??? its catchy thpugh…just try repeating just 4 times in a song and do the rapping, make it SHORT boys 3 to 4 minutes….cheers

  8. To Anonymous,

    I’m not looking for the next Shakespeare or Lekhnath Paudyal when I’m listening to a pop song. Also, within the context of Nepalese pop, this is a pretty good damn improvement. It’s unfair to apply a global measure of “mediocrity” to the emerging Nepalese pop scene when it’s still developing and taking risks to find its feet in what works. However, it is good to see them being able to measure up to Western and Korean standards whose pop songs have become successful and popularised throughout the West and East.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, as am I. I didn’t agree with your opinion, therefore I challenged it. There are better ways to give out constructive criticism without insulting someone’s ability to write lyrics.

    If you still don’t understand my point of view then I’ll leave it at this comment and agree to disagree.

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