Officially Launched – Maya Outreach

Guest Speaker Dr. Nader Davani
Opening light by His Excellency Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise.
MAYA OUTREACH TEAM (Laxmi, Mala and Manila) with Mala & Manila’s dear Aama and friends, Madhu Subba and Kanti Gurung Shrestha.
Well wishers: Anup Shreshta & Renown Singer Bibek Shreshta with our ‘Man of the Day’ Hem Bistaji (at the centre) 

Maya Outreach, a new charity organisation was officially launched on 9 June 2012 in South Harrow, London. The intimate launch event emphasized on the key points where Maya Outreach will focus its work on in the upcoming days. The charity will be working in partnership with Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, the local community and schools. Maya Outreach believes strongly in raising attention and doing the best to aid cancer as one in three of us are prone to be a cancer sufferer in the future. Fundraising events and donations collected from the UK will support the partner organisations in Nepal in the immediate future. The charity hopes to be able to send skilled volunteers to work in existing projects in the long-term future.
Kudos for making the start didiharu! The logo looks so youthful and your emphasis on cancer is great. Hope Maya Outreach will touch many lives in the days to come.

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