Suman Gurung Carries the Olympic Torch

Britain is bracing itself for one of the biggest summer in its history thanks to the Olympics 2012 taking place in Stratford, London from the 27th July. To spread the spirit of Olympics around Britain, an Olympic Torch relay began on the 19th of May when Mayor of London, David Beckham and over 80 guests brought the Olympic flame over to Cornwall (UK) from Athens, Greece. On the 25th June 2012, 18 year old Suman Gurung from Doncaster got a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a torchbearer in Sheffield. Suman was recommended to be a torchbearer by his manager Sue Sowerby for his diligent volunteering at the British Red Cross charity shop in Doncaster town. Ecclesall Road came to life about 7pm as the torch relay vehicles and Suman Gurung with the Olympic flame lit up the faces of the few hundred that came to witness the event.
Well done to Suman! Now that’s a story worth sharing with your grand-children. Kudos to British Red Cross too! The relay comes to an end on the 27th July 2012 just in time for the opening ceremony. Shout out to Indu Gurung for the photos.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. omg!!!!! such a great news. its a major major thing n i love this guy for such a hard work rather than those rapaholic or something goddddd please get a life!!!! anywas this guy is hwattt n well done again for the work. i salute u sexiii boi. xoxo gossip gal

    • Are you a rapaholic too miss? Your way of writing suggests something and your view the other.

  2. WOW 🙂 This news makes each and every one of us get excited. Suman glad to know that you were one of the torch bearer. Love your spirit at Red Cross and a salute to your work that made you be one of the torchbearers.

    View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई – World Wide team is glad for you. Congratulations Again.

    Thank you so much Lex for posting this 🙂

  3. Extremely Extremely Extremely glad to hear Suman was one of the torch bearers . WOW !!! That’s a great news. Congratulations 🙂 I am so glad for you 🙂

    Keep going. We are always there to motivate and encourage you 🙂

    Gaurav Kandel

  4. Hey lex this is great news. Is it ok if we publish this pic on the Gennext page of Republica? Will give you the credit. Is Suman, a Nepali living in England or is he a British national with Nepali origin?
    Shitu Rajbhandari, From Republica Daily

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