Nepali Student Drowns To Death in Brighton

An ill-fated incident recently took place in Brighton beach on the 19th June 2012. 21 year old Amit Baruwal Chhetri and a group of friends were visiting the beach city of Brighton for a day-trip. Amit and friends were enjoying the cool water of the beach when Amit apparently found difficulty in staying afloat and shockingly went missing around 2.20pm on Thursday (19 June). Now I am not too sure regarding the details of what exactly happened regarding lifeguards, reactions from friends and the general public, however UK’s popular newspaper Daily Mail, London Standard and BBC have reported that rescue operations lasted for hours until the missing body was found washed ashore at 5.20pm on the same day. Truly saddening.

Amrit came to the UK in 2009 from Beni, Nepal on an international student visa hoping to study and return back to Nepal one day with a recognised qualification. The young man was based in London.

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UPDATE: Amits relatives in the UK will be holding his funeral in London soon, the date which was fixed to be held on the 5th July has been postponed until further notice. The funeral will be attended by family and friends from the UK. Any one else wishing to attend are more than welcome. Due to various reasons his family from Nepal will not be attending the funeral that will take place soon. 

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1. Barsha Gurung £50
2. Priya Limbu £10
3. Barsha Gurung £15
4. Sharada Shahi £10
5. Sajan Gurung £15
6. Nilam Thapa £5
7. Sagar Gurung (9Seven7 Movement) £15
8. Bishnu Rai £30
9. Kanti Shrestha £15
10. £50
11. Sarala Khadka £20
12. Devi Sherpa £10


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  1. Though he was studying in London, he was living in Northampton. I will post the link in facebook page of Nepalese society of Northampton University. Hopefully it will help to collect some more money.

  2. Family back home must be crying their hearts out. This is so sad… they just want their son’s body back 🙁

  3. Thats very tragic. RIP. If someone would setup a paypal account or online payment, then I would like to donate some money.

    S, Australia

  4. Yes, this sad incident happened and he was a student of South London College in Woolwich.The college is also raising the fund to help the victim family.Thanks for this post.We all should really pulled together on such tragic time and show that we Nepalese always come together to show the humanity and mankind in times when needed. Let’s all help being united.May his soul rest in Peace.

  5. its really sad news and i feel sorry for the family and hope their family could get the body!! I want to donate some money but there is nothing about account information!!

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