Check out these amazing photos by Dhilung Kirat. Looks amazing! So serene, really makes me want to be there. I really like his other photo (cant share here), it’s of a rhino from Chitwan. Spread the support and don’t forget to share his work on Facebook. Hit the link here to check out more of his photos on Facebook – HERE.

 Mouth of the Matanuska Glacier – Alaska
 Yosemite Valley
Just in case you care about its history ->
 From the Top of the rock, NY
Embraced by Shangrila (Barun Valley, Nghe Kharka, Sankhuwasabha, Nepal)

Photos by DhilungKirat


  1. OMG thissss photos are soooo die for. its a major major thing u know wat i mean. i amm soooo happppy. n well done u boi u are hawtt xoxo gossip gal

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