You Do Me No Harm by Ujjwala Maharjan & Yukta Bajracharya

This needs to go viral! Seriously!
Huge kudos to Ujjwala and Yukta for delivering such a powerful and thought-evoking poetry. So much meaning behind it and very empowering! Definitely positive! Loving the spirit here!

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  1. Really full of reality thats how we girls r treated, no matter hw mordernized we say we r bt still there’s pain deep down there some r able to defend it bt some jus repeatedly r bcomin d victims,so its nice move though its jus a poem bt does make alot of difference, jus grows d strong will within u!! Thnx lex for sharin such an inspiring vdeo n esp thnx to Ujjawala n Yukta!!

  2. OMG wat a bunch of cows speaking voilience through poem which is guud n well organised n well rehearsed well truly inspiring words but this is 21st century n i bet women take over men nowdays as much as men use to. i hav seen men gotten beaten up n well used by the people called women very well. so stand up n see the world its a big n better place all u hav to do is listen to yurself n the acts u do to improve yur image n to control ones life from getting any miserable whter it may be disturbed by yur boyfren or husband cause u got a brain n hands to live yur life u want to live all u hav to do is stand up n LIVE. xoxo gossip gal 😛

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