Shristi Shrestha Returns to Nepal

Photo: Madan Chaudhary

Fresh off the plane, Shristi Shrestha is back in Nepal after her stint at Miss World 2012. You have to give kudos to Shristi for her participation as she did create a huge following for the beauty pageant. Something that we’ve never experienced before. She also made it to the final Top 10 for the Beach Beauty round, now that is just amazing! Normally one has the perception that our Miss Nepals lack when it comes to having a great body. Shristi proved them wrong, though she didnt win the title it is still a big deal to make it in the final ten out of 116 contestants. Who can forget the Facebook hype! Her page received over 158,000 LIKES. Spectacular! Catch her in the video below where she speaks about her experience in China!

Video courtesy, NagarikNews!

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  1. She did a great job, we’re all proud of her. But once again, she’s sucks at public speaking. She says ‘uhm uhm’ too much and (ya know) after every sentence, it’s sooooo annoying to hear. Why can’t she give a fluent comment on an easy question.

  2. Hello mr anonymous.

    Euta manche chau chau kinna gayo. Dokandar le 6 rupee bhanyo. 6 ruppe ta ma sanga chaina 4 rupee ma dinu na sauji bhnyo tyo manche le. Ok laija bhanyo sau le. 4 ali jyda bha sauji 2 rupee ma dinuna bhanera jiddi gareko gare garyo. Sauje le last ma kei nalagera ok 2 rupee ma nai laija bhanyo.Goji ma hat halda paisa nai chaina cha..Ani tes pachi sau lai free ma dinuna bhanera taukai khayo. Sau le la ta laija bhanyo kei nalagera. Ani tyo customer le euta haina sauji duita dinnu na kripa lagcha bhanna thalo….

    Moral of the story.
    Mr anonymous above is one of those people who will net get satisfied and sees half glass empty instead of half glass full…english is not our language so does it matter if we cant speak english as fluent as american or british…u go to miss world next time and we would see…

  3. pahilo kura nepali chanel ma kina english bhasa? 2nd problem public ko hoina kamjori sristi ma nai cha.bahiri outfit bata herda 100% she is best tara bhitri sundarta bhanda pani unko bauddhik chyamata bhane kam nai cha. jun hunu parne ho ra sabaile aasha gareko huncha. yauta complite person jasle afno chyamata ani yogyata ko aadhar ma title award prapta garne ho..yo hoina ki title pai sake pachi bistarai game sikchu bhanne hoina..sahanubhutile payeko maya ra mancheko man jitera payeko mayama dherai farak parcha.sristiko bijayata ma unko gdluck sathai aayojak haru le dekhayeko thulo sahanbhuti nai ho..tara yasle sabai nepaliko man chuna sakena..aaja yo title sristi afailai bhar ani chunauti banna pugeko cha..falam ko chyura chapauna kaha sajilo huncha ra? ki falam kai daat hunu paryo.lakhau,hajarau jantako aakha ani kan le ta dhoka khanna hola? dekhera tarif garekai cha tara sunera chitta nabujhe pachi tito boldaima satya guliyo hune ta hoina hola? aba yahi tito satya lai sristi le aatmasat garera yaslai sakaratmak soch liyera afno kamjori haruma sudhar lyai nepali haruko man jitne safal prayas garnu paryo..j hunu bhai halyo aakhiri pare ta hamrai nepali cheli.dherai criticize garnu bhanda hausala diye ramro huncha ki?

  4. I think for long Nepal has always been just ‘participating’ in everything…Participated in Olympics, participated in U19 WC, Participated in a lot of FIFA tournament, Participating in ‘Nehru Cup’…we go everywhere to make numbers. The excuse has always been, no resources, other participants being tougher…etc etc. I think our generation has been the worst there is…sadhai Nepal bandha…and either living on ‘Donation’ or ‘Bidesh bata pathako paisa’…lets hope the following generation does not take out path…but yo generatation nai yesto bhayechi…where will they draw their insparation from. Atti dhukkha lagcha!

  5. Shristi did what she could do to represent Nepal in such a huge platform.I was really amazed to hear Nepal’s name more than once in the event. We should all be proud of her and take a moment of second to realize that if she didn’t have that charisma in her presence, she would never have achieved so much there.

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