Sarala Thapa in Nepal

The voice of BFBS Gurkha Radio’s YUVA VIBES Sarala Thapa is currently in Nepal filming her Gauley Jiwan video. Sarala who has been living in the UK for a good few years returned to Nepal on the 26th August to visit family and friends. In addition to that, the former beauty pageant contestant also embarked on a fundraising spree for Maya Universe Academy. Her week-long stint to lead the life of a gauley has been filmed and will be made available on youtube after her return to the UK. The photos look impressive, I cannot wait for the video!

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Sarala Thapa’s Gauley Project

Lex Limbu
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  1. this thing doesn’t make any sense. I just couldn’t relate so called “Gauley Jiwan video” and fundraising for Maya Universe Academy. Her youtube video title says “Sponsor Sarala for her 1 week Village Survival Challenge to Fund-raise for Maya Universe Academy”. Sponsoring Sarala, and donating money for some good cause are two different things. I’d prefer to help Maya University Academy DIRECTLY rather than sponsoring for Sarals’s nautanki..

  2. looks like gaulane..!!
    i don’t picture doesn’t show any thing.. looks like again photo season
    any way 1 week ko lagi matrai rai cha.. baru 1 barsa ko lagi gare hune.!ani sachai yeso garda kasari kharcha huncha hau.. gau ma.. huh..??
    ma ta chakka.. hai gathe..

  3. gud 1 mr/miss anonymous …..a gud slap for those just photo sessioning in name of good cause and morever just for a week…me too wondering what she trying to prove.If it is really for good cause its better to help n sponser needy n poor villagers in my point of view….this is just ridiculous.

  4. She is a Dharti Ko boj. tesko thulo cha tesaila. n yess when i luked at pics she luked like doing some random photo shoots just for personal gain. she is sooo lameeee. well the chartity project is well worth it but still why the zanzat. is she trying to copy tyo one of the bull shits tv show. she is wanna be popular gal. nautanki keti khuruk na got to the yuva vibes n talk n dont do any random stupid videos as well nonsesne gal. xoxo

  5. Yesle ta india ko Rakhi Sawant lai pani down garne vo. Afu janmeko thau ma gayera ek hapta basna pani yeslai survival challange vayo. Ani kina chahiyo tyesko lagi paisa. Kasto natak janeko ho. Yesari ni samaj sewa garido rahechha. Fund-raise garnele usko nautanki ko lagi kina aru sponser khojnu paryo. Yeslai afnai relatives harule kehi dinchha hola tyo pani karle, aru ta kasle dela ra. Pasupatinath le yeslai buddhi diyun…

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