Sonam Tashi Gurung – Birsana Sakina Online Premiere

Here it is.

The official video for Sonam Tashi Gurungs BIRSANA SAKINA. The video has been directed by Naren Limbu from the popular band Aastha and the beautiful face you are seeing is none other than the happening model Asmee Shrestha. The model was also blogged under Ramri Alert a long time back. Events coordinator and photographer Bryan Rai is more popular behind the scenes but with Birsana Sakina he shows that he has charm, presence and plenty to give. A sweet video overall with fine lyrics for those lost in love. 

The Deets!
Song By Sonam Tashi Gurung
Video By Naren Limbu
Staring: Bryan Rai & Asmee Shrestha
DOP: Shasank Pradhan
Edited By Binay Kansakar

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