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Once again a Nepali film by the name of CHHADKE has managed to wake the interests of the reluctant cine-goers and made them believe that maybe this will be the next big movie. The first trailer officially made it’s way on youtube earlier today. Unsurprisingly, the trailer has already been viewed by thousands, they have already shared, commented and liked the minute and a half long video. The highlight for many, ROBIN TAMANG has easily stolen the show with his rocking gangster look and captivating voice. Following closely, actress Namrata Shrestha looks equally bewitching in her character as a gangster. The LOOT hero, Saugat Malla could only be seen for a second or two towards the end of the trailer. This probably means something ayee, he probably has a jhakashhh role. 

I am already friggin Lexcited and looking forward to the film. The word online is that the film will be released sometime in late January/early February 2013 in Nepal. Hope it’s worth the wait, having said that we should also learn to control our expectations. Let’s just enjoy the process of progressive Nepali films. So tell me what you liked about the poster, trailer, photos?

PS. Amazing poster/artwork by ANANDA MAHARJAN. 

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  1. its a kind of movie that nepali should start wid… great work and cast members… poster design is awesome (not less than hollywood or bollywood) aba film le test chaap chodos… tehi kamana… !!!

  2. No doubt the poster is a great work of art, Certainly it tells the (un-told) story of this movie effectively in one image that has drawn widest possible demographic of moviegowers like me…going to be the great thriller of 2013.
    The teaser was awesome..aba film herna palo

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