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Ladies, have you grabbed a copy of WOW yet?

Though I haven’t had a chance to read it or even flick through it, the cover of the magazine definitely appeals. Dare I say it, it might even be the best I’ve seen in a while. The colour pattern, theme and the placing of the texts, it flows. Judging by the amount of text displayed it certainly looks like there’s a lot inside the magazine. “WOW embraces the spirit of the ever evolving woman in her myriad roles and forms. The content caters to a girl of sixteen with as much appeal as it does to a senior citizen and all ages in between” shares Charu Chadha, WOW team-member. Former Miss Nepal Sitashma Chand takes up the highlight as a cover girl in the current issue. 

If you missed out on the first ever issue of WOW then I’ve managed to get some photos! Yay me. Moving on, Jharana Bajracharya graced the first issue of WOW in September last month. 

Photographer: Kishor Kayastha
Hair and Make-up: Sophie Gurung
Wardrobe Courtesy: ASTIK DESIGNS
Fashion Stylist: Hrishant Bipashwa Rai

Jharana Bajracharya wearing ASTIK DESIGNS for WOW Magazine

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  1. Liked ur 15 May Edition.
    The women to watch 2013 was incredible.
    U should target the young career oriented ladies for national development and social service. Today’s context is absence of young and energetic force in the country, how can we motivate and encourage the remaining to stay, contribute in nation and build their career.

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