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Fightback Nepal Fightback Nepal Fightback Nepal Fightback Nepal Fightback Nepal Fightback Nepal

Occupying Baluwatar and protesting outside the Embassy of Nepal is a good way of venting frustration against the government to sort themselves out. However, we have our own responsibilities as well. FIGHTBACK which is a joint initiative of SMASH (Stop Molestation and Sexual Harassment) and Paritran aims to provide self-defense classes and tips for women on how to protect themselves in sticky situations and creatively use their belongings to fightback the attacker. Women of all ages were present at the first FIGHTBACK Workshop a month ago in Kathmandu where they were given talks on the importance and dynamics of self-defense. The attendees also got a live demonstration by a guru on the different ways they could protect themselves by using items such as an ATM card, mobile phone and a ladies handbag. The fun part must have definitely been when the ladies got an opportunity to FIGHTBACK.

A great initiative! Such workshops need to be taken over to public and private schools and workplaces. Not only does it teach self-defense, it is also a great team-building activity that can include women and men, girls and boys… after all, our efforts to create a gender equal society should not leave men out.

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