Nisha Adhikari Talks Everest, Films and More!

I recently got around to watching the interview of Nisha Adhikari on Tough Talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak and I definitely think that this specific interview will answer many peoples questions about Nisha Adhikari’s Everest journey, the controversy, the debate regarding whether Everest has become easy to climb and what Nisha will be doing in the future.


More Importantly

– Nisha had made it her goal to climb Mount Everest ten years ago (It didn’t happen overnight)

– The actress had been training with Nepal Mountaineering Association since the past year

– A Sherpa crew-member from Nisha’s group actually passed away during the climb

– If Nisha hadn’t entered Nepali media then who knows, we probably wouldn’t have Nisha Adhikari

Lets talk about the last point… that really stuck with me the most. She talks about how if she hadn’t entered the Nepali media and film scene then she probably would have followed the same route by going abroad to USA to pursue higher education after completing Plus 2. She also mentions there probably wouldn’t be Nisha Adhikari here. I don’t know why but that was the highlight of the whole interview for me. Like many who choose to stay back and do something in the country, Nisha also stayed back not because she saw money and international fame from Nepali media or film sector but because she knew that only by staying and investing her time that she and others could better the film and the media sector. When conversation moves towards films, the actress requests people to work hard and create something like the Oscar nominated Caravan before someone else from a different part of the globe arrives with their crew and takes a Nepali story and benefits from it. I believe this can also be applied in business, invest money and create services for the people now before non-Nepali businesses arrive and fill that gap in the market.

Of course, hearing and reading about people that have stayed back or returned to do something always makes me question myself – where do I fit in? When I have the answer, I’ll write something…

PS. The actress is also one of the shareholders of Nepal Purbhadhar Bikash Company Ltd – the construction company that will be building the Kathmandu to Hetauda fast-track road.

Enjoy the interview!

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