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By now I’m sure many of you are aware that Sabin Rai, Axix Band, U n Us Band, Anu Rai and Sarita Gurung will be performing at the Summer Mega Live Concert in August next month. The concert which kicks off on the 10th of August in Ashford will travel to Farnborough on 24 August followed by the grand finale in London on 31st August. Alpabiram Entertainment are encouraging all you folks at home to create a cover of a Sabin Rai song and your cover could lead you to sing on stage with Sabin Rai on the final London event at the Coronet Theatre. It’s as simple as that and I’m not lying. This is an amazing opportunity for Sabin Rai fans and those that love singing. In addition to singing on stage with one of the most popular Nepali musician, the winner will also receive an all-out VIP treatment.

From Guransha Ko Fed to Malai Angali Deu, Sabin Rai has so many diverse hits that you can cover. Make sure you title the video ‘Sabin Rai Cover’ and post it on the Facebook wall of Alpabiram Entertainment. Alternatively, you can post the link as a comment below. The winning video will be decided by the man himself and the organizers of the event. Pretty exciting!! Get posting guys!

PS. You have to be from the UK.

My favourite Sabin Rai song!

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