Shristi Shrestha Moves To Mumbai!

Shared by Shristi on 14/07/2013
Shared by Shristi on 14/07/2013

Former Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha is currently in Mumbai! Shristi recently shared a public update on Facebook that announced the beginning of another exciting journey in her life. “New country, new adventure, new people altogether” was one of the lines that Shristi wrote to update her followers regarding her next move. Looks like Miss Shrestha will be giving all her best in Mumbai’s fashion industry!

Wishing Shristi all the best for her work! We know you can do it.

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    • And my life plan is to be the emperor of the world. First become miss nepal and then you can tell the world that ‘she stole your plan’. Otherwise, STFU.

      • I was just fucking joking. You friggin dumbass stop trying to be some Knight in shinning Armour. Fucking twat.

          • are you dumb??? Did I say she was not pretty? I think she’s more than stunning! I’m not even 1% jealous of her. What I’m saying is that Indians prefer Aryan/white looking girls! Which is a 100% true. So shut the fuck up. She belongs in Hollywood as a bond girl or she should try acting back in the UK cause Indians will discriminate against her for sure.

      • Miss Nepal (represents nepal for god sake) going to india. Is that to make us proud. Aru jo goye pani thikai ho, tara miss nepal janu bhaneko symbolically pani laaj lagdo bhayenarah??

        • Ja gaye pani Nepali haru ko naam roshaan garey bhaihalyo ni. Tesobhaiye ta hollywood ni kina janey? Bollywood ko industry Nepal ko bhanda thulo cha ra Miss Shristi Shrestha is too pretty to be in Kollywood at the moment as the industry is quiet small.
          If she comes out with good movies in India I will be proud…Only if dhotis actually pick her for a good movie not just some item song. Since they do look down on Nepali’s specially since she has Mongolian and Newar features.

        • so agree with you..shame on her. manisha koirala works for so long haven’t heard indian media taking anything good about she..

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