Namrata & Arpan’s MAUN Releasing on Friday

Namrata & Arpan on WAVE (SEPT 2013)
Namrata & Arpan on WAVE (SEPT 2013)

Folks, it’s time to make yourself available on Friday 27th September to catch Namrata Shrestha and Arpan Thapa on the big screen. The duo have paired together for MAUN – A Loud Silence where both the actors will be seen communicating in sign language. Apart from the challenges of playing a character who is hearing impaired, Namrata spoke to Republica sharing that her character gives “voice to the voiceless”. Both the actors took a three-month long training from the School of Deaf at Naxal to prepare for the film. The Chhadke star Arpan Thapa described the film as “a very straightforward movie, depicting the love story of two people in a different perspective”.

Thapa who is known to experiment with his roles has given diverse performances in films ranging from Batch No 16, Dhanda to Chhadke. Maun will be another test for the actor as he explores a new territory. However, Namrata is back to the genre which viewers find more comfort in seeing her. Sano Sansar and Mero Euta Saathi Cha, two popular films of Namrata’s were both love stories. Here’s to hoping that MAUN will recreate that magic and bring many to the cinemas.

The on-screen lovers are also on the cover of this months WAVE magazine! Great promo however it would’ve been even better if this cover came a month early. Nonetheless, still a good move. The film looks colourful, fun and entertaining. If you like what you see then catch MAUN on Friday!

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