Sarun Tamrakar Turns 32

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Sarun Tamrakar from The Uglyz recently turned 32! The singer shared a photo from his childhood days over on his Facebook with the caption “Thank You everyone for your warm birthday wishes…I feel blessed and loved  #32” on Saturday, Nov 9. That’s just crazy! Sarun is now 32 and so much time has passed since their breakout hit Aaundai Jadai. Oh how time flies! Sarun updated his Facebook a day later with a new photo and this message:

“Thank You everyone for your birthday messages, calls,texts,emails, guys are amazing and I feel very blessed to get so much love & affection!
I had an amazing day spending time with my beloved family and friends..
You guys mean a lot to birthday wish for today is to see you all live a healthy and happy life with your loved ones 


ps: Special thanks to my other half Payal Shakya”

Though late, Happy Birthday Sarun Tamrakar.

And for all lovers of Mr Tamrakar out there, enjoy the photos!

Sarun Tamrakar


Sarun and Payal
Sarun and Payal

Sarun Tamrakar Birthday

Photo: Kewal Rai
Photo: Kewal Rai

PS. Geet ta share garnaii paryoni ta. Here’s MAYA by The Uglyz

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